BLM finally exploring wild horse solutions other than warehousing

It appears someone at the Bureau of Land Management has come to the belated conclusion that keeping nearly 50,000 “wild” horses and burros in short-term corrals and long-term pastures, which results in the taxpayers feeding them at a cost of $50,000 a … [Read more...]

Windows 10 less than a month away

By Peggy Pope Owner of CAppTech Computers Anticipation mounts over the coming release of the newest member of the Microsoft Operating System family, Windows 10.  It is the cure-all for the disappointing Windows 8/8.1 as a more user-friendly … [Read more...]

Time to free the community colleges to stand on their own

Study after study have determined the state’s community colleges, especially those in rural Nevada, are getting short shrift under the current Nevada System of Higher Education governance structure. A year ago a legislative Committee to Conduct an … [Read more...]

They’re Off and Running

The presidential election is 16 months away, but already we’re smack in the middle of the usual media scrum of campaign coverage, prognostication, and strategizing by many of us who have nothing much to do with the real campaigns. I’ve been following … [Read more...]

There’s more than one way to fight the EPA water grab

Earlier this summer, the Environmental Protection Agency issued its final rule to “clarify” what water is covered by the Clean Water Act of 1972, which originally was intended to limit pollution of navigable waterways. The clarification puts nearly ev … [Read more...]

Thanks, Eureka!

To the Editor: On behalf of the Mesquite Chamber of Commerce, I would like to extend our thanks to the Eureka Casino and Resort for their very successful July 4th 'Rockets Over the Red Mesa' event! This is yet another fine example of the Eureka's … [Read more...]

Lack of Services Inexcusable

To the Editor: Mesa View Regional Hospital is nothing more than an urgent care center. Today, July 5th 2015 on a busy holiday weekend it is staffed with only a Chiropractor (D.O.) and no Cardiologist is available. Mesquite is a Senior Citizen … [Read more...]

Don’t insult the readers

To the Editor: I don’t know which of the two statements in the editorial [Finally, some common sense compromise from the BLM on Grazing, MLN June 18, 2015] was the more ludicrous: the one implying that cattle will stop eating grass when the “ … [Read more...]

Goodbye Southern

To the Editor: I am so happy that our Senior Senator Harry Reid is spending the remaining days of a long and illustrious career focusing on the vital national interest of changing the names of sports teams. This is a problem that has been pushed … [Read more...]

Can’t wait!

To the Editor: Many thanks to Reliance Connects Mesquite for their plan to bring high-speed fiber broadband to the Sunset Greens Community in an estimated 90 days.  It’s this kind of commitment to infrastructure investment that will help Mesquite d … [Read more...]