Vote for Ellestad

To the Editor: I urge Mesquite voters to elect Barbara Ellestad to the Virgin Valley Water District board on November 4. Barbara’s work background is not specifically water management, and this is her first time to run for a public office. That … [Read more...]

Bring Healthy Food to Casinos

To the Editor: Are there other seniors in Mesquite who wish the local casinos would provide more healthy food options? Shouldn’t they want to help keep us healthy?! The majority of us are overweight and could be heading for diabetes and other … [Read more...]

Why Horsford deserves your vote

To the Editor: I have never been an enthusiastic supporter of war - for any reason. I especially don’t like going to war in the Middle East. I am, however an enthusiastic supporter of benefits for veterans. I have often told friends and others that, … [Read more...]

Why Steven Horsford Does Not Deserve Your Vote

To the Editor: Freshman Congressman Horsford has conducted himself poorly in representing the people of Nevada.  He has voted in lock step with Nancy Pelosi and earns an "F" grade from Conservative Review. We don't expect Horsford to be … [Read more...]

Vote Yes on Question 2

To the Editor: Voters should say “Yes,” to question 2 in the upcoming election. Nevada is the eighth most regressive taxing state in the Nation. That means that low and middle-income people pay a larger percentage of taxes than individuals with … [Read more...]

Vote Ballweg and Young for OPD

To the Editor: I have attended several Candidate forums for the Overton Power District Trustees, and I would strongly recommend Dave Ballweg and Mike Young for the two Mesquite seats. They both expressed several problems with the current board and … [Read more...]

Viewing Political Corruption More Broadly

Earlier this year, veteran political writer Thomas Edsall reported an eyebrow-raising fact about Americans’ views toward government. Polling by Gallup, he noted, found that the proportion of Americans who believed that corruption is “widespread” in … [Read more...]

Lt. Governor Pick

Oddly enough, the marquee race on the November ballot is the one for lieutenant governor, usually an afterthought. But, with Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval facing a Democratic opponent who came in second to “none of these candidates” in the … [Read more...]

Question 3 doesn’t give answer to school funding

If you know nothing about any other matter on the November ballot, we urge you to go the polls to cast a resounding “no” vote on Question 3 — otherwise known as The Education Initiative or more accurately as the margin tax. Depending on which … [Read more...]

Thanks for the Candidate Forums

To the Editor: As a candidate for Trustee of the Overton Power District at large seat, I was pleased to participate in the two Candidate Forums on October 8. The lunchtime forum sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce was well run, and the questions … [Read more...]