Outstanding Service

To the Editor: This is a Thank You to the Mesquite Post Office for great customer service. On a recent Thursday, our subdivision mailbox keys would not work because the lock had given out. We reported the problem to the post office the same day … [Read more...]

Lawmakers should not opt for presidential primaries instead of caucuses

Here we go again. Teeth are being gnashed. Hands are being wrung. People are whining about how unseemly, uncouth and unAmerican the very thought of a presidential caucus is compared to a nice aseptic primary. The Legislature dithers. Assembly … [Read more...]

Many Letters of Thanks to Community for Mesquite Days

Thanks for a Chamber Success! To the Editor: The Mesquite Chamber of Commerce wants to give a huge thank you to all of the residents, volunteers and local businesses that made the Chamber's 'Mayor’s Pancake Breakfast' a big success last Saturday a … [Read more...]

Fix the problem

To the Editor: We admire the round-abouts/traffic circles, at Falcon Ridge and the freeway. They work, generally they work very well, but the pavement sign for I-15, painted on the surface of the road as you approach the circle from the south, is on … [Read more...]

Then what?

To the Editor: As soon as a 13 year old grandson expressed how awful it was walking thru the smoky casino, why would anyone insist on eating there?  This town does not require anyone to be exposed to second hand smoke when patronizing a … [Read more...]

Make better choices

To the Editor: I am writing to respond to a letter in your last edition from Lloyd Love, "Mesquite Casinos Second Hand Smoke Is A Killer." Every restaurant in Mesquite is smoke free and the restaurants within casinos are also smoke free.  If … [Read more...]

Lawmakers should leave Nevada’s strong anti-SLAPP law alone

When your only tool is a hammer, every problem is a nail. With lawyers, the solution to every problem is a lawsuit. A bill to drastically alter Nevada’s strong anti-SLAPP law (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) breezed through the s … [Read more...]

Bill to speed up mining permitting process would be a boon to Nevada

Rep. Mark Amodei, who represents the northern half of rural Nevada, recently introduced a bill in Congress intended to force the federal land agencies to get into gear, setting the total review process for issuing mining permits at 30 months … [Read more...]

Enough is Enough

To the Editor: Nevadans thought they were electing a small government Republican when they put Brian Sandoval in the Governor’s seat a second time, but we see now that Progressivism has taken over the Governor’s office and with it, no sunset that was … [Read more...]

Locals Care Too

To the Editor: So your headline reads “Out-of-towners address issues related to Gold Butte” perhaps misleading some to assume there is little local support for the Gold Butte National Conservation Area.  Nothing could be further from the truth … [Read more...]