Wild-Horse Overpopulation Is a Lie

BLM's Big Lie:  The "overpopulation" of wild horses is a concocted "crisis".  The government doesn't have a wild-horse problem — wild horses have a government problem.   Arbitrary management level (AML):  The maximum number of wild horses t … [Read more...]

Fire Season is Here: Congress Must Act

By Senator Catherine Cortez Masto Congress recently passed a bipartisan budget agreement that addresses many crucial priorities for Nevadan’s. Yet Congress failed to address the critical issue of empowering federal agencies and state fire d … [Read more...]

Wild horse issue needs a compromise solution

Let the caterwauling continue. The headline over a press release by a group calling itself the American Wild Horse Campaign reads, “80+ Organizations Oppose Trump Administration Plan to Slaughter America’s Mustangs.” The trigger for the press re … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor-Petrillo

The recent indictments handed down last Friday in the Russian investigation convinced me that I have a Russian agent living around the corner from me. I was riding my bike around Sun City Mesquite a month before the election in 2016. Sun city was a … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor-Bley

Recent events in Mesquite on the issue of low-cost housing should be of great concern to the people who live in our city.  Unbelievably, a proposal for this type of housing adjacent to the elementary school DIED before it was even presented before … [Read more...]

Fremont’s Great Basin expedition (1843 – 1844)

 Some of the information for this article was taken from “Exploration and early settlement in Nevada,” by Terri McBride of the Nevada State Historic Preservation Office.           John C. Fremont was the son-in-law of western expansionist, Senator Th … [Read more...]

Head of EPA bemoans ‘weaponization’ of his agency

Under the Constitution the duty of the executive branch of the federal government is to enforce the laws enacted by Congress. Somewhere along the way some presidents and many of their appointed administrators of the various executive branches have … [Read more...]

Prehistoric Mexican pottery found in Western Nevada

By Dennis Cassinelli       As a tour guide at the Nevada State museum, I often take groups of students through the Native American exhibit titled “Under One Sky.” As we go through the exhibits, we explain to the students that the Prehistoric people … [Read more...]

Letter to the editor-Malone

Letter: My wife and I moved to Mesquite in 2004 and have enjoyed the community very much. Over the years we have heard a great deal of negative discussion about our local Mesa View Hospital. Over time I became as distressed with the medical care … [Read more...]

Suit to block feral horse plan is frivolous

As sure as hogs wallow in slop, one month after the Bureau of Land Management announced a plan to properly control the population of feral horses on a nearly 4 million-acre tract of land 50 miles southeast of Elko, a New York nonprofit group calling … [Read more...]