Time to reopen Ash Springs to swimmers

The Lincoln Country Record reported that the popular swimming hole at the Ash Springs hot springs north of Alamo was shut down because of possible safety hazards. Someone had noticed a child playing near a wall of rocks that looked as if it might … [Read more...]

Fremont’s first New Years Eve in Nevada, 1843

by Dennis Cassinelli It has been more than 50 years since I took my first hunting trip into the vast, desert country of northwestern Nevada. This is the area of northern Washoe County that includes the Black Rock Desert, Soldier Meadows and the … [Read more...]

Nevada still leads nation in public worker pay

Once again Nevada has earned a worst-in-the-nation ranking. An analysis of 2016 payroll data by Key Policy Data found Nevada's state and local public employees are the least productive in the country, according to a news account by … [Read more...]

Whoa! We spent $22m on what?

By Sherman Frederick Do you believe in UFOs – unidentified flying objects? How about UFPs – unidentified funded programs? Mark me as curious about UFOs, but dead set against UFPs, especially when the UFP is about UFOs. That’s the gift the … [Read more...]

The night before a Comstock Christmas

A poem by Dennis Cassinelli ’Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the mines, The men heard the whistles that signaled the time. From the bowels of the earth, they were pulled to the top, Up out of the shaft, then they came to a s … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor-MCEF

MCEF would like to thank the Mesquite community for supporting our Yee-Haw fundraiser.  The funds that were donated will help our Senior scholarship program grant scholarships to those who need support to further their dreams. The Foundation would … [Read more...]

Letter to the editor Schmitt/Moan

The Friends of Gold Butte stands behind our statement referenced in the 12/6/17 article re: the Virgin Valley Water District meeting. In it, we reiterated the points of the Proclamation establishing Gold Butte as a National Monument as they pertain … [Read more...]

It is time for Rep. Kihuen to step down

For the sake of the citizens of the 4th Congressional District of Nevada, it is time for Ruben Kihuen to resign. As if the allegations of sexual harassment of a staffer during the 2016 campaign weren’t bad enough, Kihuen has turned himself into a p … [Read more...]

Water District and Golf Courses Debate Future Water Needs

Editorial from the Virgin Valley Water District As residents of the Virgin Valley know, we live in a desert where water is a scarce and important resource. Ensuring that the limited water available is put to the best possible use has long been a … [Read more...]

The tragedy at Susan’s Bluff

Dennis Cassinelli         I first heard about the legend of Susan’s Bluff over 40 years ago from Oliver Perondi, a fellow employee at the Nevada Department of Transportation. We were traveling east on Highway 50 a few miles east of Dayton when he p … [Read more...]