Visit the Nevada State Railroad Museum

Dennis Cassinelli           Being a member of the Nevada State museum and having been a volunteer tour guide there, I want to encourage Carson City visitors to visit the Nevada State Railroad Museum. Fall is an ideal time to see this wonderful … [Read more...]

Paddock was a big gambler, but experts say no known nexus between losses and violence

By John L. Smith Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo’s experience tells him mass murderer Stephen Paddock might have had … [Read more...]

The Mesquite Roundabout Cops

I live in Sunset Greens and frequently take my life in my hands by traversing the dreaded round-about. The truth is, I love our round-about. No stop signs or wasting gas sitting at a red light with nary another car in sight. What I don’t love is … [Read more...]

Tax reform that could benefit Nevadans slipping away

It looks like a tax reform proposal that could have resulted in lower income tax rates for Nevadans is swirling down the drain. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that congressional Republicans are considering jettisoning a part of President Trump’s … [Read more...]

The “Slim Princess” Railroad

Dennis Cassinelli            By 1880, the owners of the Virginia and Truckee Railroad decided to pursue another venture to tap into the new mining districts developing in the south central part of Nevada. The idea was to construct a new railroad … [Read more...]

Survey finds widespread campus intolerance for free speech

Welcome to the coming mobocracy. It appears we are rearing a generation that already has all the answers, knows what needs to be said and done and will brook no deviation from the preordained norm. Debate is not an option. In the face of a … [Read more...]


I am always amazed at the generosity and support for various causes that this small community demonstrates!   The weight of the financial requests on the local businesses and families must be enormous.  Having lived and worked in several communities … [Read more...]

LTE – Fiore

Dear Editor, It’s no secret that our taxes do more to harm Nevada taxpayers than to help us. As a former member of our State assembly, and a sitting member of the Las Vegas City Council, I’ve seen families consistently held back by high taxes. The … [Read more...]

Trump tells it like it is at the U.N.

The New York Times editorial called the speech bellicose and said it had a dark tone and focus. It compared the speech unfavorably to one by a more humble President Obama in 2009 when many of the same problems existed — without a hint of recognition … [Read more...]

Giunchigliani, Laxalt about to announce candidacy

By Jackie Valley, Riley Snyder and Michelle Rindels The Nevada Independent Monday promises to be a “special” day for two … [Read more...]