Carson City’s V & T Shops

Dennis Cassinelli           When the V & T Railroad reached Virginia City from Carson City in 1869, the owners built the original engine house and repair shops for the railroad in a small building at the southern end of Virginia City. By 1872, … [Read more...]

Letter to the editor-LeMieux

The first annual Mesquite Hangar Dance, Show and Cookout to benefit the local Veteran’s Center was a rousing success. It was a total community event with an estimated 7-800 people in attendance. I would like to thank and recognize the wonderful g … [Read more...]

Letter to the editor-Fox

In spite of what the president is saying, the GOP tax reform plan is not meant to help you and me. It is meant instead to provide corporations and the ultra-wealthy with tax breaks. The bill would permanently lower the corporate tax rate from 35 … [Read more...]

Letter to the editor-Dartt

It has been brought to my attention that the Mesquite City Manager, Andy Barton, stated that he was not aware of Senior Center and Recreation Center issues. In January 2015, I visited with the Mayor, Allan Litman, and discussed Recreation Center … [Read more...]

VA health system continues to need bandaging

A month ago USA Today published the results of a months-long investigation of the Department of Veterans Affairs that found the agency covered up mistakes and misdeeds by doctors, nurses and staffers, often by cutting secret severance agreements and … [Read more...]

Stay Alert on Medicare Plan

Always be on the alert for what your Medicare plan does not cover. Just like with other health insurance coverage, Medicare insurance doesn’t necessarily cover everything. Obviously, you know what your deductibles and co-pays are, but you also n … [Read more...]

An ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure

Wildfires have become an increasingly costly and devastating problem in the West over the past decades as federal land managers have increasingly restricted logging and road building and maintenance. The average number of acres burned each year in … [Read more...]

How long will it take

“How long will it take for the wounds of war to heal?” That was the most intriguing question I heard while watching Ken Burns’ documentary about the VietNam War recently aired on PBS. If you haven’t watched it, if you haven’t made your children … [Read more...]

Time to relax professional job licensing burden

We have ranted and railed for years about the excessive and job killing professional licensing requirements in Nevada — to no avail. Nevada has long ranked among the worst locales in the nation for limiting competition for jobs in certain p … [Read more...]

Letter to the editor – Guns & Guitars

All of us at Guns & Guitars would like to thank the wonderful community of Mesquite for the support and compassion our customers, friends and neighbors have shown us after the terrible tragedy that occurred in Las Vegas on October 1st. We also … [Read more...]