Letter to the editor-Montgomery

At the Virgin Valley Community Food Bank and Thrift Shop we are thankful every day for our many blessings. However, a few people deserve a special thank you during this hot summer. First our Volunteers! The most caring, loving, giving group every … [Read more...]

Open letter to George Rapson, Brian Wursten and David Ballweg:

I voted for all of you during the last election as I believed it when you said you would represent the City of Mesquite with integrity, honesty, transparency and what would be for the benefit of Mesquite. Instead, I find that you voted to remove a … [Read more...]

LTE Phantom Fireworks

Phantom Fireworks hopes everyone enjoys a wonderful family Independence Day holiday, and, if you use consumer fireworks, please use them safely. There is no good consumer fireworks experience if it does not emphasize safety first. Phantom advises … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor-Butler

I'm writing this in response to Bob Szuch's letter in the June 8 issue of Mesquite Local News regarding smoking/pets in casinos. I somewhat agree with what he said about pets in the casinos, but I vehemently disagree about his "feelings" about … [Read more...]

Letter To the Editor-Johnson

  We personally want to thank the good Samaritan who reported to the security office at the Casa Blanca hotel on Friday June 2, 2017 the following incident: The good Samaritan witnessed a vehicle backing into the rear end of our Lexus and … [Read more...]

VVLL thanks the Mesquite Community!

On behalf of the VVLL Board, I want to thank everyone involved in making our 5th season a success. The Board’s intention is to ensure that our kids have fun learning the game of baseball and softball in a safe environment while learning to work t … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor Szuch

Dear Editor, There has been a move recently to ban smoking from public places here in Mesquite. This also includes the casinos and I am firmly against that movement. When I go to a casino, I am aware that smoking is allowed and it is my choice to … [Read more...]

LTE – Vaccaro

As new business owners in Mesquite and a vendor participant in Mesquite Days this year, we like many others were disappointed with the weather which had an impact on activities and business etc. We understand that weather has also presented … [Read more...]

Letter to the editor-Grosenbach

Letter: In reference to TM's opinion column in the April 27th addition. The title of the column is "State workers should not be allowed to unionize". TM quotes FDR in the column. I should say misquotes or out of context quotes FDR. TM would have … [Read more...]

Letter to the editor-Faas

Dear Editor,   The Committee members for La Dolce Vita fundraiser are grateful to each and every one who participated in the April 15 benefit for Mesquite Cancer HELP Society.  Amid the music, tribute toasts all around, and bidding on … [Read more...]