No Mesquite visit for us

To the Editor: My wife has a friend who lives in your town. They went to college together.   Most people think they are sisters as they are very close. They try to see each other every two or three years. We’ve been planning a trip to Mesquite for t … [Read more...]

It’s about more than tortoises and cows

To the Editor: Let's put this into perspective. Our government can't protect our borders, it can't protect our citizens and military in Benghazi, but it can send in SWAT teams and snipers to effectively ban us from 600,000 plus acres of public land … [Read more...]

Warped values

To the Editor: What a warped sense of values! Radicals who call themselves “Occupy Wall Street” commit multiple crimes of rape, assault, destruction of property, police attacks and attempt to blow up a bridge in Ohio, and they are adored and glo … [Read more...]

BLM should pay restitution

To the Editor: The Independent Cattlemen of Wyoming (ICOW) is outraged at the recent Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) aggressive behavior against Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who had lawful grazing rights dating back decades.     In this particular … [Read more...]

Bundy has damaged the community

To the Editor: It was with a heavy heart that I watched the events that transpired in Bunkerville and Gold Butte during the last several weeks.  Like Mr. Bundy, I too have lived, worked and played in Southern Nevada all my life. The use of the Gold … [Read more...]

A letter to Cresent Hardy

To the Editor: A recent sent a letter to Assemblyman Cresent Hardy (R-Dist.19) who’s running for the GOP nomination for the 4th Congressional District. Please share as much of it as you can with your readers. “I read in the local paper of your app … [Read more...]

Our government has gone astray

To the Editor: My family and I have fought for the U.S. since World War I, some died in this service. We believe in this country. People like (U.S. Sen.) Harry Reid and others are supposed to represent this country, founded for the people by the … [Read more...]

CERT has been around a while

To the Editor: Regarding a column published on Page 2B, April 10, by Debra Beatty about the CERT class (“Local CERT class graduates April 28”) I don't know if I read this correctly about this being the first CERT class here in Mesquite, I know for a … [Read more...]

North To Nevada

North To Nevada (Sung to the song: “North To Alaska” by Johnny Horton) Way up north (north to Nevada) Way up north (north to Nevada) North to Nevada You go north, the heat is on North to Nevada You go north, the heat is on Clive’s clan joi … [Read more...]

Never take ‘it’ for granted

To the Editor:  Daily tasks are executed with little to no thought as to their execution. Quite simply, we get ready, we leave the house, we get in our vehicle and we drive ourselves to the market, to whatever stores we need. We run our errands, we … [Read more...]