Silver Rider to the rescue

To the editor: A BIG thank you to the folks at Silver Rider. On Monday, there were 5 of us who were passengers on the trip to Las Vegas. As we were starting to head back to Mesquite, Our driver was contacted to pick the remainder of the group up, … [Read more...]

Bundy’s Irrational School Mentality

To the editor: Ryan Bundy is right.  It is about the mentality.  Unfortunately, it is the Bundy mentality that is dead wrong, again.  I do not want Bundy's children carrying knives to school.  Their rights do not trump my rights.  I don't want any … [Read more...]

Thank you, MLN

To the editor: Desert Rose Christian Church (in Beaver Dam) would like to thank the Mesquite Local News with all of their help in advertising issues to help grow our church. Your distribution and readership has helped us more than we can express! … [Read more...]

Don’t blame Mesquite’s doctors

To the editor: This letter is in response to the letter in your August 14 edition on doctors and what they are prescribing (page 4A). The choice made to take oxycodone, morphine or any other drug is the sole responsibility of the user. If the … [Read more...]

City Council’s decision questioned

To the editor: I can't vote in Mesquite... but it was with interest I note the city wouldn't let a tea house open on Riverside Road, but a Marijuana business was approved in record time. Makes one wonder. Congratulations to Kraig Hafen.  The r … [Read more...]

An endorsement from Bullhead City

To the editor: I want to encourage your readers who live on the Arizona Strip to vote for Sam Medrano for State Representative, District Five. As a resident of Bullhead City, I can attest to Sam’s willingness to stand up and fight for what is b … [Read more...]

Doctors need to know what they’re prescribing

Oxycodone and Morphine, that is what the doctor here in Mesquite and in Las Vegas ordered for my daughter for knee pain. She freely told them she was a recovering heroin addict, clean for several years but he ordered it anyway. I believe that there … [Read more...]

Delaying marijuana vote the right thing to do

To the editor: I attended the City Council Technical Review meeting on July 15. An interesting fact came out of that meeting. There are only 30 - 50 people in Mesquite with cards for medical marijuana. This represents less than a quarter of 1%. … [Read more...]

Make casinos smoke-free

To the editor: The American Gaming Association just released the results of its annual poll on gambling attitudes and habits, stating “Casino visitors are a portrait of the American electorate, and voters are giving policymakers permission to t … [Read more...]

Thanks to the Mesquite Community

To the editor: I’ve always known how special the Mesquite community is but it was reinforced all the more during my husband Scotty’s recent illness and passing. The outpouring of love, concern, and caring from so many people through cards, emails, ph … [Read more...]