Be More Responsible

To the Editor: This letter is in response to the Mayor’s article in the MLN (10-30-14). Mr. Mayor, how can you in all good consciousness cry poor mouth when on the front page of the same edition a $2,000 figure has been approved for providing e … [Read more...]

Solution Simple, But Unpopular

To the Editor: Mayor Al Litman in a letter to the paper, (Mesquite Local News 10/10/14) expressed concern over the financial future of Mesquite, and asked for solutions. The solution is balance.  Mesquite has far too much residential development to … [Read more...]

Something Smells

To the Editor: Some time ago I read an interesting article.  It seems that a few years back the City of Mesquite sold land to a developer out of Vegas that was either right on, or next to, a toxic dump.  Apparently, some of the people living on the d … [Read more...]

Where’s My Tiara?

To the Editor: I’m looking for my Tiara because I need to get ready for the Hi Tea this month.  Did I thank the League of Women Voters for such a wonderful event last year?  Oh gees, did I forget to do that?  Is it too late to say thank you, thank yo … [Read more...]

Rescue Organization Says Thank You

To The Editor: Adopt A Rescue Pet is one of the largest dog rescue in Southern Nevada we are all volunteer, non-profit and of course no-kill. Our group receives no state or federal funds and relies only on fundraisers and donations. We do … [Read more...]

Thank you for supporting the donkeys in the Groupon campaign

To the Editor: Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue (PVDR) Scenic AZ Satellite Adoption Center was featured in a Groupon Grassroots fund raising campaign October 6 - 16, 2014. We would like to extend a sincere thank you for the show of support we r … [Read more...]

Remember driving rules

To the Editor: Recently I have witnessed several potential car accidents at the intersection of Pioneer and Grapevine. The reason is confusion over right-of-way. Vehicles traveling north and south must stop at a stop sign then proceed when the … [Read more...]

Ramaker responds

To The Editor: People  have asked me to explain my concerned about Virgin Valley Water District policies. Specifically, they want to know why, if they needed, had I not done something about them as a board member. That is a good question. Before … [Read more...]

Support Group Sessions…Yes, No, Maybe

To the Editor: As part of Breast Cancer Month the concept of support groups as a necessary means to the wellness of cancer patients can sometimes have a negative allusion -- not in the case of those many patients who have attended our local cancer … [Read more...]

The Truth about Road Scholars

I am writing regarding an article written by Debra Beatty on October 17, 2014 in the Mesquite Local News ( While we appreciate the coverage, I would like to clarify some of the information … [Read more...]