Letter to the editor-Veterans Memorial

Kudos to Mayor Al, Travis Anderson, Mesquite Tile and Flooring (Kevin Parish), Charles Sellner, and the personnel of the Public Works Department and all others that helped with the Veterans Memorial Statues.  This is one of the reasons why Mesquite … [Read more...]

Letter to the editor-Smith

It has been a long hard road the last few months anticipating knee replacement surgery and finally being home recovering This journey would have been unbearable without the love and support from my friends and loved ones.  You will never know how … [Read more...]

Letter to the editor-DePew

A number of Las Vegas Lions Clubs sponsor a camp for underprivileged children each year. This year we decided to have the camp at The Rising Star Sports Ranch Resort. We bussed the kids here from Las Vegas and they had an absolutely wonderful week. … [Read more...]

Letter to the editor-Thomas Maher

I just received my DISH Network monthly bill and was surprised to see a new charge entitled City Gross Receipts Tax which amounted to an added charge of $5.15 per month.  Can anyone explain this new tax to me? Thomas Maher Mesquite NV … [Read more...]

Letter to the editor-Stilley-Next non-smoking petition will be tighter

Not exactly sure of Mr. Greer's qualifications as they relate to medical science or economics but his letter of 7/5/18 appears to be de facto proof that the original non-smoking petition was, in fact, flawed or illegal. The obtuse facts and figures … [Read more...]

Letter to the editor-Petrillo

I have to protest the current column from Mike Young and a response from Cindy Toutant. Mike's current column is full of distortions, half-truths and outright lies. Undocumented aliens are not eligible nor do they receive free housing, free health … [Read more...]


Recent efforts to block a 2018 vote to ban smoking in casinos and other smoking establishments has backfired. On June 13, 2018, City of Mesquite staff presented their financial assessment of city revenue should citizens vote to ban smoking in … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor-Toutant

It saddens to hear so many people talk about the President of the United States with such negativity and hatred.  I avoid facebook a lot now because of the negative and spiteful posts.  As an American, these types of comments are anti-American and o … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor-Smith

What is broken about it? Let’s have a conversation. I am an Immigrant and remember it took my family quite some time to be admitted into the USA back around 1960. Two years if I recall correctly. It took a Sponsor (so we wouldn't become part of … [Read more...]

Letter to the editor-Petrillo

I would like to congratulate Jayden Perkins who just received the Las Vegas Review Journals Male Athlete of the year award for Nevada prep athletics. We loved watching him play the last few years for the Virgin Valley HS football team. He has great … [Read more...]