Tearing up the Town, Part Deux

By Kevin Brown, General Manager Virgin Valley Water District   As reported back in December 2016, the Virgin Valley Water District is moving forward with several projects that will impact residents and visitors in the … [Read more...]

The Pyramid Lake Indian Wars, Part 4: The Aftermath

In this, the last article in the series about the Pyramid Lake Indian Wars, I want to tell about the consequences of this tragic and memorable time in the history of Nevada. As with many wars that have been fought throughout our history, there were … [Read more...]

Pony Bob Haslam and the Pony Express

Dennis Cassinelli                                                                            Much has been written about the Pony Express and the place it has occupied in the History of the American West. Many of the stories written about the Pony E … [Read more...]

The remarkable diaries of Alf Doten

Dennis Cassinelli           Whenever there is an event of great historical significance, such as the California Gold Rush or the discovery of a mountain of silver on the Comstock, it seems there is an influx of journalists, newsmen and authors to d … [Read more...]

Rededication of the Historic Asylum Cemetery

Dennis Cassinelli           During the past several years, I have written several articles about the plight of the historic cemetery located at the old Nevada State Asylum in Sparks, Nevada. Many of Nevada’s old cemeteries have long existed in a stat … [Read more...]

The Pyramid Lake Indian Wars, Part 3: The Second Battle

Dennis Cassinelli           In my previous article, I told about the ill-prepared attempt by the quickly formed Comstock militiamen to retaliate for the massacre at Williams Station. This group of 105 untrained volunteers was gathered from the farm … [Read more...]

Basic Steps Upon Death of a Loved One

When you lose a loved one, many things are more important than tying up the legal loose ends. But, after the more important issues are addressed, you might ask what legal steps are necessary? In terms of legal matters, there are three primary things … [Read more...]

Transcontinental Railroad

  On May 10, 1869, the railroad   was completed with the driving of the golden spike at Promontory Point, Utah. This followed an intense year of construction of the Central Pacific Railroad through the mountains and deserts of the Great Basin known a … [Read more...]

Adoption: The Happy Legal Work

If you have walked the halls of a courthouse, you’ve probably noticed people aren’t happy to be there. But, every once in a while, you might notice a smiling couple holding a baby. They stand out among the other frazzled court-goers. When I see these … [Read more...]

A tribute to our mothers

Dennis Cassinelli  On this Mother’s Day, we will have a family barbecue to celebrate and thank all the mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers among us. This will be a time for appreciation of not only those with us today, but a remembrance of … [Read more...]