Giunchigliani, Laxalt about to announce candidacy

By Jackie Valley, Riley Snyder and Michelle Rindels The Nevada Independent Monday promises to be a “special” day for two like … [Read more...]

New Medicare Cards Coming

By Andrew Bird In this day and age with identity theft running so rampant and still continuing to rise, one must be vigilant in protecting their personal information from scammers and other such criminals. Personal information includes things like … [Read more...]

Indian artifacts can be found almost anywhere

Dennis Cassinelli         Ever since I grew up on a ranch that had been an old Indian village site, I have had a special fascination for Indian artifacts. Arrowheads, beads, scrapers and fragments of other stone tools can still be found just about … [Read more...]

Democrats’ DACA rhetoric just muddies the waters

The vitriol being spewed over President Trump’s suspension of Obama’s executive fiat to defer deportation of illegal immigrants brought to the United States as children is nothing more than pretentious and pointless political patronizing. Nevada’s … [Read more...]

Francis G. Newlands, Irrigating the West

Dennis Cassinelli           With the sudden influx of people moving into Nevada Territory following the discovery of Comstock Silver, the need to provide water for agriculture to feed the new population became apparent. Western Nevada is basically … [Read more...]

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month

By Andrew Bird, Financial Concepts Let’s face it- no one wants to think about the difficult reality of a loved one or close friend passing away, or even themselves for that matter. It is a very scary and sobering thought to imagine, but if anybody … [Read more...]

Changing Medicare Supplements

By Andrew Bird-Financial Concepts   If you are familiar with Medicare then you are most likely aware of the Open Enrollment period each year during which you are allowed to sign up for or switch your current Medicare Advantage plan or … [Read more...]

Political correctness attacks historic place names

Dennis Cassinelli           Political correctness really chaps the back side of my wrinkled old hide. I am going to cite just one example of how far bureaucrats will go to shove their interpretation of what they believe to be politically correct do … [Read more...]

The history of railroad design

Dennis Cassinelli           It was November 12th, 1869 that the Virginia and Truckee Railroad Locomotive LYON first chugged across the Crown Point Trestle to signal the beginning of the fabulous history of the country’s most famous short line railr … [Read more...]

The remarkable story of Charlie Parkhurst

Dennis Cassinelli           During the early days of the Comstock Lode, before the railroads were built, the preferred method of transportation for passengers and small freight was by stagecoach. These sturdy coaches, drawn by teams of four or six ho … [Read more...]