Mysterious statue of Indian mother and child discovered in Carson Valley

  By Dennis Cassinelli Several years ago, I donated a sizable collection of Indian artifacts to the Carson Valley Museum and cultural Center in Gardnerville. I had inherited some of the items in the collection from my Aunt, Clare Perino. The r … [Read more...]

Fremont’s Great Basin expedition (1843 – 1844)

 Some of the information for this article was taken from “Exploration and early settlement in Nevada,” by Terri McBride of the Nevada State Historic Preservation Office.           John C. Fremont was the son-in-law of western expansionist, Senator Th … [Read more...]

Prehistoric Mexican pottery found in Western Nevada

By Dennis Cassinelli       As a tour guide at the Nevada State museum, I often take groups of students through the Native American exhibit titled “Under One Sky.” As we go through the exhibits, we explain to the students that the Prehistoric people … [Read more...]

“The Marvelous Wonderettes” is simply Marvelous

Thursday’s toe-tapping, hand-clapping finale of the current VVTG musical comedy, The Marvelous Wonderettes: Dream On, had the crowd on their feet whistling, shouting and literally dancing in the aisles.  Director Glen Bjornson says there is something … [Read more...]

Ice fishing in Nevada

By Dennis Cassinelli       It has been a Cassinelli family tradition for several years to go ice fishing when the lakes and reservoirs are safe for ice fishing. Ice must be a minimum of 6” thick to be safe. If there is corn snow above the solid ice, … [Read more...]

Stagecoach travel in Nevada

Dennis Cassinelli         Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain), traveled by stagecoach across the Territory of Nevada in 1860 with his brother, Orion. At that time, the most convenient method of traveling any long distance was either by stagecoach, or by hor … [Read more...]

Alllll Aboard for the Historic Railroad Tunnels Trail!

by Tom Garrison © 2018 Tom Garrison While my wife Deb and I generally choose hikes in less traveled or wilderness areas, we are not adverse to an easy hike exploring an historical site. This particular hike near Las Vegas involved … [Read more...]

34th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering

Dennis Cassinelli         The 34th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering will be held in Elko, Nevada from January 29th through February 3, 2018. The annual gathering was started 1985 as a place where Western cowboys and ranchers could share poems about … [Read more...]

In wake of case dismissal, Bundy vows to continue ranching, setting up a potential conflict with feds By Daniel Rothberg The Nevada Independent The grazing will continue, Bunkerville rancher Cliven Bundy … [Read more...]

Fortunately for the Bundys, constitution is alive and well By John L. Smith The Nevada Indendent To hear Cliven Bundy and his sons tell it, the U.S. Constitution is as sacrosanct as a biblical text … [Read more...]