Where the Presidency Is Headed

Before the ins and outs of the 2016 presidential contest become a preoccupation for many of us, it seems a good time to step back and look at the office of the presidency for which so many candidates are vying. The presidency inherited by whoever … [Read more...]

It’s Time to Bring Education into the 21st Century

By Alan Shusterman A record number of high school students are celebrating their hard-earned diplomas this year. The celebrations won't last. Despite their hard work, these students will soon find that they're far from prepared for life after … [Read more...]

Windows 10 less than a month away

By Peggy Pope Owner of CAppTech Computers Anticipation mounts over the coming release of the newest member of the Microsoft Operating System family, Windows 10.  It is the cure-all for the disappointing Windows 8/8.1 as a more user-friendly … [Read more...]

They’re Off and Running

The presidential election is 16 months away, but already we’re smack in the middle of the usual media scrum of campaign coverage, prognostication, and strategizing by many of us who have nothing much to do with the real campaigns. I’ve been following … [Read more...]

Why Run for Office?

I spend a fair amount of time talking to students and other young people about Congress and politics in general, and I’ve noticed something. It used to be that I’d regularly get asked how one runs for office. Nowadays, I rarely do. This is a young … [Read more...]

How to Make Our Schools More Effective and Affordable

By Assemblyman Chris Edwards, District 19 In his State of the State Address to the Legislature this past January, Governor Sandoval announced an aggressive array of targeted education reforms to improve Nevada’s failed public education system.  Si … [Read more...]

Governing By Crisis Isn’t Governing At All

After Congress came a hair’s breadth from shutting down the Department of Homeland Security a few weeks ago, members of the leadership tried to reassure the American people. “We’re certainly not going to shut down the government or default on the nati … [Read more...]

Don’t be the disease

In previous editorials, I have written about positive thinking, seeing the brighter side of things, hoping that the rest of the city would follow those steps and together, we could all make this town a better place. Boy, was I dreaming. This … [Read more...]

Nations ruled by executive command don’t do so for long

By Adam Laxalt Last Friday, Nevada joined a majority of the other states in a lawsuit challenging President Obama’s unconstitutional actions on immigration.  Nevada did not join the lawsuit to make a statement about immigration.  Rather, we joined … [Read more...]

It’ll Never Be Time for Term Limits on Congress

It didn’t get much attention at the time, but the elections last November did more than give Republicans a majority in the U.S. Senate. Voters also added to the ranks of people on both sides of Capitol Hill who believe members of Congress should s … [Read more...]