The Legend of Montezuma Mountain

During the years when I traveled around the Great Basin while working for the Nevada State Highway Department, later known as NDOT, I occasionally crossed paths with some very interesting characters. One of these, who I will call Danny, claimed to be … [Read more...]

Bristlecone pines in Nevada

Dennis Cassinelli      In the 1960s, family members and I often hunted deer in the Wheeler Peak area of White Pine County. This area has now become the Great Basin National Park. Knowing that mule deer prefer the high ridges in the early part of th … [Read more...]

Nevada bunkhouse displayed at the Smithsonian

Dennis Cassinelli         The town of Paradise valley lies about 40 miles north of Winnemucca, Nevada. It is a beautiful old town like something out of an old western cowboy movie. The valley is dotted with large active cattle ranches dat … [Read more...]

Bowers Mansion

By Dennis Cassinelli One of the most elegant displays of wealth from the Comstock is the wonderful mansion built by Sandy Bowers and Eilley Orrum. It is the finest example of the homes built in Nevada by the new millionaires of the Comstock mining … [Read more...]

Big Game Hunting in Nevada

Dennis Cassinelli         Big Game Hunting has been a family tradition for many Nevada families, including my own. I know that there are many people who disagree with the concept of hunting big game animals and would prefer that no one should have t … [Read more...]

Artifacts recovered from Lovelock cave.

Dennis Cassinelli       In this, the second article about Lovelock Cave, I will describe a few of the thousands of artifacts recovered from the site between 1912 and 1924. The remarkable things about Lovelock Cave were the state of preservation in th … [Read more...]

Mysterious statue of Indian mother and child discovered in Carson Valley

  By Dennis Cassinelli Several years ago, I donated a sizable collection of Indian artifacts to the Carson Valley Museum and cultural Center in Gardnerville. I had inherited some of the items in the collection from my Aunt, Clare Perino. The r … [Read more...]

Fremont’s Great Basin expedition (1843 – 1844)

 Some of the information for this article was taken from “Exploration and early settlement in Nevada,” by Terri McBride of the Nevada State Historic Preservation Office.           John C. Fremont was the son-in-law of western expansionist, Senator Th … [Read more...]

Prehistoric Mexican pottery found in Western Nevada

By Dennis Cassinelli       As a tour guide at the Nevada State museum, I often take groups of students through the Native American exhibit titled “Under One Sky.” As we go through the exhibits, we explain to the students that the Prehistoric people … [Read more...]

“The Marvelous Wonderettes” is simply Marvelous

Thursday’s toe-tapping, hand-clapping finale of the current VVTG musical comedy, The Marvelous Wonderettes: Dream On, had the crowd on their feet whistling, shouting and literally dancing in the aisles.  Director Glen Bjornson says there is something … [Read more...]