Is Cliven Bundy a hero?

If you’re a supporter of states rights, Cliven Bundy is a hero to you. If you’re an environmentalist concerned about protecting desert tortoise habitat, you might see him as a threat. Rob Mrowka of the Center for Biological Diversity fits into the l … [Read more...]

Help on the way for poor readers

If you can read this, you’re better off than many people in Southern Nevada. According to the National Center for Education Statistics about one-fifth of Clark County residents lack basic literacy skills. That includes not only poor readers, but a … [Read more...]

A just sentence in Flores case

Moapa Justice of the Peace Ruth Kolhoss, presiding in Mesquite Municipal Court on Monday, sentenced Starr Flores to one year in jail. Flores also must reimburse the $745.26 she wrung out of the generosity of Virgin Valley residents and businesses. … [Read more...]

More questions that can now be answered

The agenda for Tuesday’s Mesquite City Council meeting had an item deserving of celebration. The council was to approve the 2013-2016 labor agreement with the Nevada and General Sales Drivers, Delivery Drivers, and Helpers & Representing the P … [Read more...]

It’s a matter of time and priorities

Regular readers of the Fire Calls column in the Mesquite Local News, may have noted a slight change in the report. The listing for "No Resources Available To Respond To Additional Calls" has been deleted. If you think this was done to cover up … [Read more...]

City hall may return to five-day operation

Mesquite City Hall may be open soon on Fridays, City Manager Andy Barton told a small group Feb. 20.. All that’s needed is for the city hall workers to ratify the agreement. The contract has been in negotiations since last spring. If the contract h … [Read more...]

Things are looking up

It’s getting harder to have a negative view about Mesquite’s economy and the future of this piece of paradise. Maybe it’s been some of the glorious days we’ve had recently. The weather has taken a wintry aspect some days, but on others the warm sun h … [Read more...]