It’s just one person’s opinion

I never aspired to work in the media, at least not as a writer. I fell into the position, quite by accident, some eight years ago when I began working for the MLN as an ad sales person at the time they tried to launch the Arizona Rattler. The writer … [Read more...]

Repeal ObamaCare and let states handle health insurance

The bad news for those who live in Clark, Carson City and Nye counties is that companies offering ObamaCare-compliant health insurance policies have requested 38 percent premium increases in 2018. The good news for those in the rest of Nevada is that … [Read more...]

Return authority over intrastate water to the states

The Environmental Protection Agency announced this past week that it is moving to rescind the Obama administration’s 2015 rules that defined the "waters of the United States" (WOTUS) under the Clean Water Act of 1972 as every stream, ditch, wetland … [Read more...]

Nevada right to join sanctuary city fight

Earlier this month Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt joined with nine other attorneys general in filing a friend-of-the-court brief challenging a federal judge’s decision in April to block a President Trump executive order that would deny some … [Read more...]

Without Obamacare, rural economies may suffer most

Rural Americans played a big part in sending Donald Trump to the White House, with 64 percent of those voters pulling the lever for the billionaire real estate developer. Yet the president’s and Republican leaders’ efforts to make good on a … [Read more...]

Governor right to veto bill mandating more clean energy

In vetoing this past week a bill that would have increased the required percentage of electricity in Nevada coming from renewable sources — such as solar, wind and geothermal — from the current 25 percent by 2025 to 40 percent by 2030, Gov. Brian … [Read more...]

We’re all guilty of progress

When environmentalists talk about the damage we’ve done to our planet, I want to cry, but not for humans because we know what we’re doing. I want to cry for the animals, the innocent creatures who suffer for what we humans call progress. They once … [Read more...]

Heller sponsoring bills to address doctor shortage

Nevada Sen. Dean Heller has joined with several other U.S. senators to introduce bills to address the looming shortage of doctors in the coming decade, particularly in rural areas. According to a study released in March by the Association of … [Read more...]

Is Faraday Future history?

Gullible Nevada lawmakers in a special session in 2015 on blind faith alone agreed to dole out $215 million in tax abatements and credits to entice Faraday Future to build an electric car factory at the Apex industrial complex in North Las Vegas, … [Read more...]

Repeal and replace the high cost of healthcare

Whether you support the Affordable Healthcare Act or you’re screaming for repealing and replacing it, you’ve got to realize that any U.S. President, whoever he/she may be, will be hard pressed to come up with any solutions for the insurance companies … [Read more...]