End racial discrimination in all iterations

Let’s face it. Racial discrimination is racial discrimination. Calling it affirmative action is just swinging the pendulum the other way. The Department of Justice recently joined a group of Asian-American students in their lawsuit against Harvard … [Read more...]

A Mother’s greatness

A woman’s goodness can be found in what she does with her life. Her successes, her achievements, her beauty as a person. A woman’s greatness is found in what her children become. Their successes, their achievements, their soul as a person. I did … [Read more...]

Which Senate candidate is right about Social Security?

We find Democratic Senate candidate Jacky Rosen’s sanguine and naive response to the recent 83rd anniversary of Social Security Act disturbing to say the least. Rosen put out a press release touting the fact she had met with a senior citizen group … [Read more...]

We suggest an ally in the fight against the water grab

The three-decade legal wrangle over whether Clark County will ever be allowed to tap groundwater from White Pine, Lincoln and Nye counties has reached another milestone, but may be far from over. Jason King, state engineer for the Nevada Division … [Read more...]

Take a pass on petition to eliminate primaries

With all the polarizing political rhetoric and bombast of this election year it is sorely tempting to grab onto any idea to lessen the load. A petition called the Greater Choice-Greater Voice Statutory Initiative is currently being circulated. It … [Read more...]

Modifications to Endangered Species Act overdue

  It is about time. A few weeks ago the Interior Department announced proposals to modify the way it enforces the Endangered Species Act of 1973 to make the law a bit less onerous for private businesses and land owners. The agency is … [Read more...]

Courts are solidifying gun rights

  The courts in recent years have been nailing down ever more solidly the right to keep and bear arms. In the District of Columbia the U.S. Supreme Court struck down restrictive ordinances that required that guns be kept at home … [Read more...]

Now is your chance to speak up on Little Ash Springs

Five years ago the Bureau of Land Management locked the gate to Little Ash Springs north of Alamo on Highway 93 in Lincoln County, saying it would take a couple of weeks to repair a man-made soaking pool on the 1-acre popular hot springs recreation … [Read more...]

Senate should quickly confirm Kavanaugh to high court

When it comes to Nevada politics, principles be damned, it is all about partisanship, no matter the topic. President Trump’s nomination of federal Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court is still a … [Read more...]

BLM should fight wild horse suit this time

The usual suspects are at it again, filing a federal lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia demanding the court halt a plan by the Bureau of Land Management to remove all the feral horses in a 40-mile radius around … [Read more...]