Nevada challenges California’s sanctuary cities

This past summer Nevada joined with other states in challenging a California federal judge’s decision to block President Trump’s executive order that would deny some federal funding for sanctuary cities, saying that such cities near Nevada pose a thr … [Read more...]

Operation Haylift 1948 – 1949

Dennis Cassinelli       When the record-shattering blizzards of 1948 - 49 threatened the lives of thousands of livestock, Operation Haylift flew into action. The winter storms of 1948-49 were the heaviest in the West since 1889, and thousands of re … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor-Sterling

Dear Editor, I lost my daughter in 2009, I write her often  and would like to share this Christmas' letter: Dearest Darling Daughter, Its Christmas 2017 and I so desperately miss you. I’m sorry I haven’t written you for so long, my head has been … [Read more...]

Anti-conversion therapy law tramples free speech rights

With the turning of a page of the calendar to a new year comes a host of new laws on the books in Nevada, among them is a law banning therapists from engaging in something dubbed conversion therapy. The new law makes it illegal for any … [Read more...]

Fishing Winnemucca Lake

By Dennis Cassinelli         Demand for fresh fish during the Comstock boom days was met by resourceful fishermen who brought their catch to market from Stillwater Marsh east of Fallon and from Pyramid and Winnemucca lakes. Some of the local Ind … [Read more...]

Rare lunar eclipse coming

By Dave Maxwell Lincoln County Record People throughout the United States were excited to see the total eclipse of the sun in 2017. And while the U.S. won’t be getting as good a look at that again until 2024, parts of the country will be a … [Read more...]

BLM moving forward with fire prevention effort

The Bureau of Land Management posted on the Federal Register a couple of weeks ago a notice that it is beginning the tedious paperwork process to finally do something to prevent the devastating wildfires that have plagued the Great Basin region in … [Read more...]

Dean Heller Delivered for Nevadans in 2017

Last year was full of victories for Nevada and Americans across the country because of Dean Heller’s leadership. Heller helped author the tax plan that repeals the Obamacare individual mandate and has already led to higher wages and a c … [Read more...]

Healthcare rankings show gradual improvement By Megan Messerly The Nevada Independent Nevada has been gradually making improvements to its health-care system over … [Read more...]

How did Prehistoric Nevadans cope with winter weather?

Dennis Cassinelli         People who live here today and complain when the Nevada Department of Transportation hasn’t plowed the road in time or when their heating bills are too high, should look back in time a few hundred or thousand years to see … [Read more...]