Letter to the editor-Dudrow

"We missed seeing representation from the City Council and city of Mesquite at the Friends of Gold Butte Visitor Center/Office opening on Thursday evening. We were pleased that over 60 people attended the opening and ribbon cutting. In addition, we … [Read more...]

Groups should not be forced to reveal donors

The uberliberal 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, whose jurisdiction includes Nevada, recently struck another blow against free speech, saying the state of California may force non-profits to reveal their donors. According to The Wall Street … [Read more...]

Old Virginia, Gourmet camp cook

Dennis Cassinelli       The name of Virginia City is said to have been given by James Finney, one of the original prospectors who made the discovery of the famous Comstock Lode. Being from the state of Virginia, Finney became known by the other pr … [Read more...]

‘Lives Matter’ conditionally

When you preference the words “Lives Matter” by further defining the phrase or jump on any one of the many ‘band wagons for equality’, you are not you’re not taking a stand against racism and inequality, you’re perpetuating it. Thoughts of “Well, w … [Read more...]

Democrats pushing for socialized health care

In a speech in Illinois this past week former President Obama called “Medicare for all” a “good new idea.” He said, “It’s harder for young people to save for a rainy day, let alone retirement. So Democrats aren’t just running on good old ideas like … [Read more...]

Letter to the editor-Stilley

The 9/6/18 edition had a seven day weather forecast. I am curious as to what city it was for as it definitely was not Mesquite. It did appear to be a nice place to live.   Michael R. Stilley RESPONSE: Michael,   Even … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor-Hauser

I was very disappointed to read the article about Mesa View Hospital’s decision to discontinue Labor and Delivery services here in Mesquite. 63 babies were born at the hospital in a year, which apparently isn't enough, but in my opinion, it doesn't m … [Read more...]

End racial discrimination in all iterations

Let’s face it. Racial discrimination is racial discrimination. Calling it affirmative action is just swinging the pendulum the other way. The Department of Justice recently joined a group of Asian-American students in their lawsuit against Harvard … [Read more...]

A Mother’s greatness

A woman’s goodness can be found in what she does with her life. Her successes, her achievements, her beauty as a person. A woman’s greatness is found in what her children become. Their successes, their achievements, their soul as a person. I did … [Read more...]

Which Senate candidate is right about Social Security?

We find Democratic Senate candidate Jacky Rosen’s sanguine and naive response to the recent 83rd anniversary of Social Security Act disturbing to say the least. Rosen put out a press release touting the fact she had met with a senior citizen group … [Read more...]