VVHS Music Programs To Hold Fundraiser

By Abbey Snow Every year, local schools lack money to fund all programs properly, and therefore many classes have to find ways to raise money in order to have supplies and activities for students. Virgin Valley High School is holding a … [Read more...]

Manufacturing Day returns for local school kids

It’s turning out to be one of the more popular annual events for local school kids as they get to spend a day learning how things are made during Manufacturing Day. The event is held at schools throughout Clark County with many businesses p … [Read more...]


More than a year in the making, the Nevada Department of Education (NDE) today unveiled its new Accountability Data Portal that will be an essential tool in carrying out the state’s strategic planning process and complying with the ‘Every Student Suc … [Read more...]

Round Up for Education

The Overton Power District (OPD) celebrated the beginning of a new school year with a special presentation that has become an annual tradition. Last week, district staffers presented checks totaling $2,527.13 to school officials in both the Virgin … [Read more...]

There’s a first time for everything

Wednesday, Aug. 16, is just another beginning to a new school year for most Beaver Dam students but for some, it is the very first day of a 13-year journey filled with curiosity that will soon be satiated with knowledge. There’s a first time for e … [Read more...]

Packed up and ready to learn

The cost of everything is going up and school supplies are no exception. School budgets are being cut, start of school supply lists are growing and parents are finding it hard to make up the difference. More than 16 million kids live in extreme … [Read more...]

CSN Mesquite to offer Algebra Refresher course

College of Southern Nevada-Mesquite Center will be offering an Algebra Refresher course scheduled to begin September 11 – November 13.  Class will be on Mondays from 4:00pm-8:00pm. The cost of the course is $100. Algebra Refresher replaced the Math Pr … [Read more...]

College of Southern Nevada, Mesquite to offer Nursing Assistant Program

Have you considered a job in the medical field? Check out this short term program that will prepare you for a medical job in just 16 weeks! CSN Mesquite will be offering a Nursing Assistant program during Fall 2017 semester. This program prepares … [Read more...]

CSN Mesquite to offer Finance 101- Personal Finance

College of Southern Nevada Mesquite center is excited to be offering a new course to our Fall 2017 lineup: FIN 101- Personal Finance. This course will cover the techniques of managing personal income, savings and expenses, making wise purchase … [Read more...]

J.L. Bowler Grads

JL Bowler fifth grade classes said goodbye to being big men and women on campus. They are trading in their “top of the class ladder” status to begin all over again. They may be starting at the bottom rung but in middle school but they will go forth we … [Read more...]