Yarely Garcia Shines in AcKIDemic Spotlight

Yarely Garcia is the fifth grade student who has been selected to stand in the AcKIDemic Spotlight for January.  She was selected for her outstanding attributes of academic excellence and citizenship.  Yarely has been the paradigm of excellence … [Read more...]

Caring and Hard Working Students Honored

The eaglets at Beaver Dam Elementary School are encouraged to soar above academics in their education.  They are encouraged to develop attributes which will guide them to responsible and happy adulthood.  That is why students are honored each month … [Read more...]

Student Incentives Flourish at Beaver Dam

The eaglets that attend Beaver Dam Elementary School are very cherished by the faculty and school community that has the privilege of working with them each day.  From Miss Susan’s kitchen to Mr. Budd’s playground supervision, and with all of the … [Read more...]

Chinese Acrobats Dazzle Beaver Dam Eagles

Multi-talented Chinese acrobats held the students of Beaver Dam Elementary School mesmerized as they displayed their extraordinary talents.  The Bureau of Lectures & Concert Artists from Lawrence, Kansas, brings these gifted athletes to America … [Read more...]

Happy Holidays Concert Program at Beaver Dam Elementary School

The Christmas vacation had a festive send-off thanks to the “Happy Holidays” program presented by the Beaver Dam Eaglets under the guidance of choral director Mr. Stevens.  Two other teachers, Mrs. Dotson and Mrs. Andrus directed the Beaver Dam Show … [Read more...]

Church Brings Christmas Cheer to Beaver Dam Eaglets

The generous spirit of Christmas was evident with the arrival of members of the Mesquite United Methodist Church to Beaver Dam Elementary School.  Four members of the Prayer Shawl Circle brought gifts of knitted hats to the students in the first and … [Read more...]

AcKIDemic Spotlight Shines on Prisilla Mancha

Prisilla Mancha, fifth grader at Beaver Dam Elementary School, is being honored this month as in the AcKIDemic Spotlight.  She has been selected for her outstanding citizenship, leadership, and scholarship.  Prisilla is a student who takes school … [Read more...]

December Activities Abound at Beaver Dam

Although Christmas holidays fill the last days of December, the first half of the month at Beaver Dam Elementary School is filled with fun ways to honor the eaglets that fly to the nest each day.  Classes and students were honored by receiving the … [Read more...]

Hard Hat Heroes and Pop Run at Beaver Dam Elementary School

The monthly Hard Hat Hero Awards were given to one student from each class at Beaver Dam Elementary School who exhibited the qualities necessary to get the job done!  Chosen for the month of November were Kenneth Sloan and Jose Garcia (kindergarten), … [Read more...]

Eaglets Learn to Jam

A new program has begun this school year at Beaver Dam Elementary School.  Special Education Assistant John Budd transforms into a guitar instructor after school.  He has been working with a cadre of students each week.  They have been … [Read more...]