September Visitor Count takes sizeable leap

Even though the total number of visitors coming to Mesquite in September was the lowest number of the year at 86,689 it took a sizeable leap from last year’s count of 78,450 jumping up 10.5 percent. And the number is up 16,000 from just two years a … [Read more...]

August Visitor numbers continue upward climb

There are two sides of the coin when it comes to the number of visitors who came to Mesquite in August. You can say the 93,277 visitors is the lowest for calendar year 2015. Or, you can say the number is the highest for August in the last seven … [Read more...]

July Visitor Count hits seven year high

If Mesquite’s streets, hotels, casinos, and restaurants seemed unusually busy in July chalk it up to the almost one hundred thousand people that came to the city for a visit. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) July statistical … [Read more...]

Bright Spots mark June Mesquite Visitor Report

Mesquite’s Visitor Volume report for June was a mixed bag of results with some numbers in the red but more important ones in the black. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitor Authority reported that Mesquite’s overall visitor volume in June fell a sl … [Read more...]