Building permits dip in February

The torrid pace of building permits issued in January by the city of Mesquite Development Services department took a breather in February. The city issued a total of 108 permits across all categories in February compared to 121 issued in … [Read more...]

Building permits start new year with big bang

To say the single-family residential construction industry in Mesquite is starting the new year with a big bang could be the understatement of the century. The city of Mesquite building department issued 52 permits for new single-family homes in … [Read more...]

Mesquite building permits more than double in last five years

The city of Mesquite Building Department had a very busy year in 2017 when it issued 1,468 permits valued at $86.005 million. That is $20 million more in value than calendar year 2016 and more than double in number and value compared to 2013. Five … [Read more...]

Building permits jump back up in November

After October’s two million dollar decline in building permits issued by the city of Mesquite, November’s numbers look really good. The city issued 110 permits in November valued at $8.180 million compared to 101 permits issued a year ago worth $7. … [Read more...]

Mesquite building permits take a tumble

Led mostly by a decrease in single family residence permits, the overall number and value of building permits issued by the city of Mesquite in October took a considerable drop compared to October 2016. The city issued 94 permits valued at $4.955 … [Read more...]

Mesquite construction industry continues healthy increase

While the number of building permits issued by the City of Mesquite Building Department rose significantly from 82 last year to 120 in September, the value of the permits was about a million dollars less. However, that is easily explained by one … [Read more...]

Building permits decline slightly in August

The torrid increase in building permits issued by the city of Mesquite took a slight breather in August especially in the number of single family residence permits. The city issued 17 permits for new homes in August with a valuation of $3.896 … [Read more...]

July building permits take sizeable jump

The city of Mesquite Building Department issued 142 permits in total in July 2016. So the 117 issued this July may look like a sizeable downturn except for one thing – of the 142 last year, 48 of them were for a renovation project at Sandstone c … [Read more...]

New housing construction skyrockets in Mesquite

The Mesquite Building Department was swamped last month when applications for new home construction permits skyrocketed to numbers not seen in recent memory. The department issued 42 permits for new homes in June with a total valuation of $9.371 … [Read more...]

Building permits continue upward pace

The new home construction industry in Mesquite doesn’t show any signs of slowing down based on the number of permits issued by the city in May. Home builders took out 25 permits for single family residences last month for a total valuation of $ … [Read more...]