Residents concerned over scope of Plans for new RV park

On Tuesday, May 8, the Scenic Betterment Committee met to discuss, among other things, the zoning for a new RV park proposed to be built in Scenic, Arizona. Residents of the area are concerned over issues that may arise from the building of the … [Read more...]

Virgin Rivers Community non-profit seeking volunteers to continue operating

May 24 will be the last R.I.P.P.L.E, (Rural Improvements through Local Efforts) otherwise known as Virgin Rivers Community meeting unless community member/members would like to step up and take on the responsibility of the 501c4. The VRC has had … [Read more...]

Accident takes 71 year old on Wild Ride

On April 28, 71 year- old Ron Cooke was traveling north on I-15 in a pickup truck hauling a trailer when an accident occurred which caused the truck and trailer to flip over. Cooke escaped uninjured but was trapped in his vehicle upside … [Read more...]

Sheriff under fire by community

On Thursday, April 26, the Virgin Rivers Communities held its annual meeting, which included Mohave County officials and Sheriff Doug Schuster. While some may have been there to ask questions of some of the Mohave County officials, the general … [Read more...]

Beaver Dam halls rival local art galleries

The halls of Beaver Dam this year rival many local art galleries.  With the Photography Class beginning to display their work, color and interest is everywhere to be found.  Another visual addition has been the student maintained bulletin boards.  Ea … [Read more...]

The Beaver Dam Photography Class Contest Winners

The Beaver Dam Photography Class submitted their “still life” work to a panel of five professional photographers for evaluation in March. A “still life” not only has to follow all the technical rules of focus, color, and composition, but should also t … [Read more...]

Community meeting evolves into a pitch for more volunteers

The Virgin Rivers Community meeting was held on Thursday, March 22 at the Beaver Dam Fire Station. The VRC covers the Arizona communities of Beaver Dam, Littlefield, Scenic and Desert Springs. The intent of the meeting was to honor those who give … [Read more...]

An old school house with a brand new purpose

It was built in 1924 and served as the school in Littlefield, Beaver Dam, Desert Springs and Scenic, Arizona, until 1999. Since 1999 the school house has been sitting, a ghostly and lonely reminder of the history of the community. The … [Read more...]

Desert Springs couple still missing

Susan and Jerry McFalls family members, neighbors, concerned friends, volunteers and Fugitive Recovery Experts all concur that they feel as if the Mohave County Sheriff’s Officers either don’t care or are too incompetent to handle the Desert Springs m … [Read more...]

Mesquite Elks donate to Beaver Dam Schools

Mesquite Elks Lodge # 2811 in their continuing support to Beaver Dam Elementary School (AZ) recently donated American Flags to the school at a recent assembly. It was noted that the classrooms did not have individual American Flags. As Mesquite Lodge … [Read more...]