Barquist chosen to be Grand Marshall for Vet’s Day Parade

Army Veteran, Mayor Allan Litman, has been Mesquite’s Mayor for a while, but not nearly as long as he’s been extending great efforts to another important mission that's near and dear to him . Mayor Litman extends great efforts to pay tribute to Vet … [Read more...]

Hangar Party – Benefit for the Vets

[Read more...]

Hangar Dance and Show added to Veterans Festivities

Honoring our veterans is something that makes everyone feel great. On Nov. 4, we're going to do it up right. Join the members of the Black and White Ball at the first annual Hangar Dance and show immediately following the Veteran's Day parade. This … [Read more...]

From the Mayor-Veteran’s Day Parade

I’m writing this column today, not just as the mayor, but also, as a proud veteran and citizen. I have been deeply involved with the Mesquite Veterans Day Parade for the past thirteen years. For the past few years it has become much more difficult to … [Read more...]

Veteran’s Day Parade

Would you like to participate in Mesquite’s premier parade of the year?  The Veterans Day Parade Committee is looking for any organization or business that wishes to honor our Veterans.  There is no entry fee and as long as you are not promoting any p … [Read more...]

Standing up for Nevada’s Veterans

By Dean Heller WC: 565 As a senior member of the U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs and representative of more than 300,000 veterans living in Nevada, I am always working to address the problems that continue to plague one of our c … [Read more...]

Veterans still selling bricks

Although it has been four months since the giant golden eagle was dedicated to Veterans Memorial Park on Hillside Road, the work to finish the corner continues. Personalized bricks are continuing to be sold to help pay for the statue itself and … [Read more...]

Mesquite dedicates memorial on 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day

It was a fitting day to dedicate the newest addition to the Mesquite Veterans Memorial Park as a large crowd of residents and veterans joined with the Virgin Valley High School band to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day on Dec. … [Read more...]

Old Glory retired

“It has ever been my staunch companion and protection,” wrote William Driver. “Savages and heathens, lowly and oppressed, hailed and welcomed it at the far end of the wide world. Then, why should it not be called Old Glory?” Our American Flag, … [Read more...]

Veteran’s Day Parade

The Mesquite Color Guard lead the Veteran’s Day Parade to honor those who fought to defend our country, the American symbol for success, righteousness and sovereignty and all the people who stand for it in their pursuit of life, liberty and h … [Read more...]