“Typology in the Old Testament”

By Pastor Travis Lauterbach The Old Testament is a historical record of creation, the fall, and God’s choice of Abraham and his family as the people through whom the Savior of the world would come, and everything that follows thereafter. In t … [Read more...]

“What Will Happen?”

By Travis Lauterbach “What will happen when you die?” It seems less and less people give this question any thought today. But the question is worth considering. Is there more than this life we live or is this it? Many people are of the bel … [Read more...]

“The Peace, Comfort and Joy of Easter”

By Travis Lauterbach When the question gets asked what the longest season of the Church year is, the one that often comes to mind is Lent. Maybe that’s due to the more subdued, solemnity of the season. However, the forty-day observance of Lent i … [Read more...]

“Salvation comes from the Lord”

By Travis Lauterbach Often when pastors are in a conversation, people will express a belief that if they just try the best they can to live a good life, then they’ll go to heaven. The questions I often wonder are what does it mean to try the b … [Read more...]

“Reconsider Job”

By Travis Lauterbach An interesting thing about Job is that he didn’t know what the reader of the book knows. He didn’t know “why” he suffered as he did. He didn’t know that Satan was rebelling against the Lord, using Job as a personal example. … [Read more...]

“Consider Job”

by Travis Lauterbach   Could you have faith like Job? Before you answer to yourself, consider the situation. In the span of a few of days, Job’s life was nearly ruined. Job was rich. He owned 7000 sheep, 3000 camels, 500 yoke of o … [Read more...]

“A New Year, A Fresh Resolution”

By Travis Lauterbach Another New Year has dawned upon the world. The New Year often means a fresh start in some ways. Sure, the troubles and sufferings that affected people in 2017 didn’t evaporate once the ball dropped. Yet, a New Year g … [Read more...]

“What Else Happens In Church?”

by Travis Lauterbach   The core of a church’s gathering together is to hear and learn the Gospel, the good news that Jesus died for the sins of the world and whoever believes in Him shall have eternal life. St. Luke says that this is o … [Read more...]

“What Happens In Church?”

By Pastor Travis Lauterbach What does a church service look like? Are there certain things that should happen at a service? Can the service be an anything goes occasion? What distinguishes church services from meetings of various clubs and … [Read more...]

“Why Go To Church?”

by Travis Lauterbach Pastors and church goers often hear the line: “The church is full of hypocrites.” Some people throw it out hoping it will get them out of an uncomfortable conversation. Others really mean it and understandably so. Som … [Read more...]