“What Else Happens In Church?”

by Travis Lauterbach   The core of a church’s gathering together is to hear and learn the Gospel, the good news that Jesus died for the sins of the world and whoever believes in Him shall have eternal life. St. Luke says that this is o … [Read more...]

“What Happens In Church?”

By Pastor Travis Lauterbach What does a church service look like? Are there certain things that should happen at a service? Can the service be an anything goes occasion? What distinguishes church services from meetings of various clubs and … [Read more...]

“Why Go To Church?”

by Travis Lauterbach Pastors and church goers often hear the line: “The church is full of hypocrites.” Some people throw it out hoping it will get them out of an uncomfortable conversation. Others really mean it and understandably so. Som … [Read more...]

“The Death Of Fall Leads To The Resurrection Of Spring”

  By Pastor Travis Lauterbach, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church and Mesquite Lutheran Church (Vacancy Pastor) While on a recent vacation across the country, a realization dawned on me. I leaned over and told my wife, “I hate Fall.” We dro … [Read more...]