Local Get-a-ways from Mesquite

Living in Mesquite offers residence many close-by get-a-way choices. Beside our mild weather we have the advantage of location, location, Location.   Within one hour and 15 minutes of good freeway we are in one of the major exciting visitor’s vac … [Read more...]

Idaho Falls, name a town, name a town.

How excited I was driving into town to see the falls famous for the town name, Idaho Falls. Like many others, I am sure; I was greatly surprised to see the conspicuously long line of a short drop falls. I must say I was disappointed. Not what I … [Read more...]

The terrible winter of 1889

Dennis Cassinelli Snowfall was early and heavy in December 1889, and Nevada stockmen were jubilant at the end of a long dry spell. The snow continued to fall, and by mid-January train service at all Nevada points came to a standstill. From Wyoming … [Read more...]

Gold Butte Adventure

My wife Deb and I love hiking isolated trails. Occasionally we throw in a ghost town exploration. Our latest adventure to the Gold Butte area encompasses both plus a side trip to the mother of all sink holes in the middle of nowhere. First was … [Read more...]

Near-by Christmas Holiday activities to enjoy.

After participating in our own Mesquite Christmas time festivities, listed here are other near-by activities to enjoy and Merry Christmas to you all. Magical Forest-Las Vegas.  November 19-January 1. It is the 25th year of production by … [Read more...]

Historical Butte MT offers an array of attractions.

All of South West Montana has much to offer tourist. Butte Montana’s colorful history makes it a worthwhile visit. Once, in the 1900’s it was one of the largest cities west of the Mississippi due to its rich mining of Silver, gold and cop … [Read more...]

Deer Lodge

Road tripping under the open southwest Montana Skies treats travelers to scenes of America the Beautiful. The historic town of Deer Lodge proved to be a captivating tourist stop, with many unusual historic attractions. Deer Lodge area was … [Read more...]

Hilo’s Volcanoes National Park

Touring the Big Island volcano area By Bobbie Green Walking through the Thurston lava tube near the Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii is very different than walking thru our local lava tubes in Utah. The tube is more like a cave with … [Read more...]

Much Ado in Cedar City.

There was much ado in Cedar City July 7 through 9th. Celebrating the opening of the Utah Shakespeare Festival and the dedication to the new 38.6 million dollar Beverley Taylor Sorenson Center for the Arts. The Center encompasses the new Southern Utah … [Read more...]

Casa de Shenandoah

The latest addition to off the strip Las Vegas attractions is the former home of Mr. Las Vegas himself, Wayne Newton. The famed Casa de Shenandoah has recently opened its door to visitors. This beautiful, peaceful utopia created by Mr. Newton was a … [Read more...]