Nevada’s Fort Churchill

Dennis Cassinelli           Just one year after silver was discovered in the Comstock Lode, a band of Paiute and Bannock Indians attacked several white settlers at Williams Station about 30 miles east of Virginia City along the Carson River. The st … [Read more...]

Nevada’s Hidden Cave

 Dennis Cassinelli         About 10 miles southeast of Fallon, Nevada on US Highway 50, there is a place known as the Grimes Point Archaeological Area. Over the last 10,000-21,000 years, the level of ancient Lake Lahontan fluctuated widely due to nat … [Read more...]

Stone Cabin Trail at Spring Valley State Park, Nevada

By Tom Garrison It always feels good to finish a project. A few years ago, my wife Deb and I decided to explore and hike the five Nevada state parks (out of 23) located within 40 miles of Panaca, population 963 (2010 census). Through the … [Read more...]

Mark Twain comments on Dayton’s Petrified Forest

Dennis Cassinelli   My Great Grandfather, Pietro Cassinelli, an Italian emigrant, arrived in Dayton, Nevada in the late 1880s after working his way across America as a cowboy. Within a few years, he and his cousin, Bert, acquired a … [Read more...]

It was definitely the journey

I bet not many of you have added the desire to attend a state legislative session to your bucket list but it’s been on mine for years. I guess that’s part of the political nerd in me. I tried to get a couple friends to go with me on a recent trip to C … [Read more...]

Dayton’s Pony Express Stations

Dennis Cassinelli   In 1849, Abner Blackburn and other prospectors heading to the California gold fields discovered the first Nevada gold where Gold Canyon reaches the Carson River at a place that later became Dayton. In the early 1850s, Spafford … [Read more...]

The Pyramid Lake Indian Wars

Part 1: Williams Station Massacre Dennis Cassinelli         This is the first in a series of articles about some of the most tragic events in the history of Nevada. About once a month, I will send out a story to describe the events that forever ch … [Read more...]

The Stewart Indian School

Dennis Cassinelli         The Pyramid Lake Indian War of 1860 marked the beginning of an extremely difficult time for the American Indian population of the Great Basin area. Until this time, the Indians and the European emigrants were able to tole … [Read more...]

Comstock Barbed Wire

A compulsion to collect things is a well known human trait. For centuries, people have collected practically anything that interests them. This could be obvious things such as stamps and coins, or it could be the hundreds of varieties of beer cans, … [Read more...]

Chili? No Thanks, I’ll Have a Bowl of Fire

by Tom Garrison © 2017 Tom Garrison My birthday falls in mid-January. My wife Deb and I have a long standing tradition of birthday hikes for both our birthdays. Since mine is in the dead of winter, we need a warm location. Maybe a … [Read more...]