This Week in Local History June 30 – July 6, 2014

This Week in Local History June 30th to July 6th 1776 July 4th -Independence Day.  On this day in 1776 Congress approved The Declaration of Independence, declaring the United States independent of Great Britain. 1880- 15 Families now reside at the … [Read more...]

This Week in History June 26 – July 2, 2014

June 23 1898- Bunkerville had a hailstorm and flood.  The hailstones were as large as hen’s eggs.  Hailstone drifts were as deep as six or seven feet. Bunkerville residents were able to enjoy ice cream all the way through July because of the … [Read more...]

This week in Local History June 16th- June 22nd

1916 – New Flour Mill in Mesquite opened for business. 1924- New auto road to Moapa 1930 - 290 people resided in Bunkerville,  451 people resided in Mesquite, 75 Littlefield, 58 Beaver Dam 1931- Oiled Mormon Mesa 1934- CCC Camp -250 Men … [Read more...]

This week in History June 8-14th

Virgin Valley Heritage Museum This week in History June 8-14th 1866 –Lincoln County Created. Mesquite use to be a part of Lincoln County. 1925- First Silent Pictures shown in Mesquite on white plastered wall in … [Read more...]