This Week in Local History, August 17 – 23

This Week in Local History August 17th - 23rd August 21st 1877  Orange Leavitt took Dudley Leavitt to Santa Clara for medical help. Extreme weather caused men to become sick with fever and chills. August 1879 Cotton harvest in Bunkerville yi … [Read more...]

This Week in Local History August 10th – 16th

August 1914- Several Autos pass through Bunkerville August 1926- 11 silos in Bunkerville August 1930 - Flour Mill burned down August 1933- Men and teams of horses at Dam which was taken out by recent floods August 1936 Thousands of Trees set … [Read more...]

This Week in Local History Aug. 3 – 9

August 1909 5-26 Flood and rain ruined 15 tons of raisins. August 5, 1963, the Soviet Union and the United States signed the Limited Test Ban Treaty (LTBT), which prohibited nuclear tests in the atmosphere, under water, and in space. Underground … [Read more...]

This Week in Local History July 27 – August 2

July 31st 1909 - U.S. President William Howard Taft's proclamation created Mukuntuweap National Monument. In 1917 new park director suggests name change to Zion. July 1914- Aschel Barnum falls in school cistern. (cistern was used to hold water fro … [Read more...]

This Week in History July 21st – July 27th

July 1882- Flood in Mesquite washed the canal out in 58 places July 1908- Lincoln County appropriated $40 for Bunkerville roads July 23rd 1904 -A flood came down the Virgin River --brought mud July 1912- Joseph Reber had men working roads in … [Read more...]

This week in History July 14th – July 20th

July 14th 1906; Walter Barieu was set free from jail. Walter Barieu had been in prison for shooting Tom Logan. (Logan: The Honorable Life and Scandalous Death of a Western Lawman) July 17th 1908; Rio Virgin Telephone Company named. Cottonwood … [Read more...]

This Week in Local History July 7th –July 13th

July 1891; No record of anyone living in Mesquite at this time. (Mesquite Flats A History of Virgin Valley Vincent L. Leavitt) July 9th 1906; Walter Barieu Murder trial begins. Walter Barieu murdered Sheriff Tom Logan (Logandale is named for the … [Read more...]

This Week in Local History June 30 – July 6, 2014

This Week in Local History June 30th to July 6th 1776 July 4th -Independence Day.  On this day in 1776 Congress approved The Declaration of Independence, declaring the United States independent of Great Britain. 1880- 15 Families now reside at the … [Read more...]

This Week in History June 26 – July 2, 2014

June 23 1898- Bunkerville had a hailstorm and flood.  The hailstones were as large as hen’s eggs.  Hailstone drifts were as deep as six or seven feet. Bunkerville residents were able to enjoy ice cream all the way through July because of the hai … [Read more...]

This week in Local History June 16th- June 22nd

1916 – New Flour Mill in Mesquite opened for business. 1924- New auto road to Moapa 1930 - 290 people resided in Bunkerville,  451 people resided in Mesquite, 75 Littlefield, 58 Beaver Dam 1931- Oiled Mormon Mesa 1934- CCC Camp -250 Men co … [Read more...]