What’s with AARP

Recently I received an e-mail containing a letter supposedly sent to AARP (American Association of Retired Persons). The letter was scathing in its remarks and it pointed out many areas where that organization didn’t support the views of its m … [Read more...]

I Wish Everyone in America Would Read This

We are a divided country there are two Americas. There are those that work for a living and those that take for a living. Many people are law-abiding citizens who work hard to support their families, and then there are others, who just take and … [Read more...]

Someone is Destroying America

Someone is trying to destroy America by burdening us, our children and grandchildren with an enormous debt of supporting millions of illegal immigrants that President Obama has granted legal status to. But why should he care as the cost will only … [Read more...]

Hid The Email

Hillary Clinton excuses her use of a private e-mail and a home-based server to conduct State Department business as a matter of “convenience.”  But is State Department communication something you store at home or could there be other reasons?  Maybe t … [Read more...]

Save the City Money

Recently the Mayor of our fair city explained the financial difficulties we are in. Like so many cities we are spending more than we take in. There are so many good sounding projects just waiting for the city to fund them, yet even if they sound like … [Read more...]

Even more taxes

The Governor of Nevada and the representatives we elected are not listening to the people of Nevada. Just a few months ago we the voters rejected two proposed tax increases, the Margin tax on business and the Increase in mining tax. Yet some of our … [Read more...]

Taxes, Taxes and more Taxes

Tax increases proposed by our governor are simply outrageous. We have been pouring money into government programs for years and they always want more; it’s like feeding a beast, the more you feed it the bigger it gets and the hungrier it gets. We n … [Read more...]

Free Gas?

Driving by the local gas station I was shocked to see the price of gas below two dollars. It almost seemed like gas was free after paying almost five dollars in some places. I wonder what is going on. I had heard Obama’s previous Secretary of Energy S … [Read more...]

Politics: 2015

Happy New Year! What will 2015 bring, hopefully a new attitude?  It will certainty bring a chance for the new congress to prove itself. For six years the Republicans have been complaining, as have the American people about what a poor job is being … [Read more...]

Christmas Celebration

Christmas is a time for fun, friends and family yet this year it should also be a time of introspection, for as they say the barbarians are at the gates. As we look around the world, Christianity is under attack and the question is who is going to … [Read more...]