America Betrayed

Several years ago, we elected a young Senator who promised hope and change. We got the change aright and we certainty now have hope so what’s there to complain about? We got the change of taking America from the world’s number one power to a shell of … [Read more...]

Above the Law

Hillary Clinton, has finally turned her e-mail server and the 3 flash drives supposedly containing all the information that is fit to see to the FBI. Whether they can reconstruct the data will not be known for some time but the amount of effort to … [Read more...]

Solving unemployment

Over the last 6 or so years, we have been plagued with unemployment. Counting those who have dropped out of the work force and those on unemployment insurance, we have around 100 million people not working. Think of that number, 100 million people … [Read more...]

Has America lost its Mo Jo?

At a recent Freedom Fest conference in Las Vegas, the question was asked whether you could still make it in America. Could the person starting with nothing, still build a huge empire and fortune? About two thirds of the two thousand-person audience … [Read more...]

The Green Fanatic

There is a green fanatic out there and it’s called the EPA. After a great beginning, cleaning up rivers and lands that were polluted they have run amuck. It seems like if your job is to clean up pollution and after it is done you should go into a m … [Read more...]

Gun Free Zones

The tragic shooting in Charleston last week resulted in a new call to ban or confiscation of guns. However as many pointed out South Carolina has some of the strictest gun laws on the books. Yet the crazy young man got a gun anyway. This caused Karl … [Read more...]

Get a Job

A few weeks ago I talked about the creation of a vast underclass that doesn’t even have the basic skills to work. They don’t understand Basic English, how to get to work on time and how to dress for work. There are millions of jobs that companies are … [Read more...]

Black vs White

In the last few months we have seen outbreaks of violence in the black parts of many of our cities. The reason for the outbreaks is the claim that the police are shooting black men for no cause. Immediately many national figures join in and claim … [Read more...]

Recovery Assassin

Something is not happening, regardless of what the government says there is no economic recovery. Unemployment down, nonsense, if you remove enough people from the potential workforce you can get any number you want. All anyone has to do is look … [Read more...]

What’s with AARP

Recently I received an e-mail containing a letter supposedly sent to AARP (American Association of Retired Persons). The letter was scathing in its remarks and it pointed out many areas where that organization didn’t support the views of its m … [Read more...]