Carson’s number has come up

Dr. Ben Carson’s numbers have come up as he is now at the top of GOP presidential polls. Because of that his life is being challenged. Experience tells us that this will happen to each of the Republican Presidential hopefuls as they near the top of p … [Read more...]

Last Week

Last week, Hillary Clinton testified for 11 hours before a congressional committee about the attack on our diplomatic compound and a CIA base in Benghazi. U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed during the terrorist attack … [Read more...]

The case for guns

After last week’s killings the cry for banning guns is again heard throughout the land. Yet, if banning guns worked, Washington, D.C. Chicago, Detroit and New York would be the safest cities in the country. In Washington, D.C. it has been illegal s … [Read more...]

Talking about Shopping

Recently I was in a discussion with some local friends about shopping. The discussion centered around supporting local business or looking for a better selection or a better deal. We all are aware of the struggles a local business has to deal with … [Read more...]

Who’s Working?

With an admitted 94 million plus people no longer in the workforce how can we have only 5.1% unemployed? If we have only 5.1 % unemployed labor must be tight so lots of people want raises which seem to be true with all the calls for $15 an hour … [Read more...]

America Betrayed

Several years ago, we elected a young Senator who promised hope and change. We got the change aright and we certainty now have hope so what’s there to complain about? We got the change of taking America from the world’s number one power to a shell of … [Read more...]

Above the Law

Hillary Clinton, has finally turned her e-mail server and the 3 flash drives supposedly containing all the information that is fit to see to the FBI. Whether they can reconstruct the data will not be known for some time but the amount of effort to … [Read more...]

Solving unemployment

Over the last 6 or so years, we have been plagued with unemployment. Counting those who have dropped out of the work force and those on unemployment insurance, we have around 100 million people not working. Think of that number, 100 million people … [Read more...]

Has America lost its Mo Jo?

At a recent Freedom Fest conference in Las Vegas, the question was asked whether you could still make it in America. Could the person starting with nothing, still build a huge empire and fortune? About two thirds of the two thousand-person audience … [Read more...]

The Green Fanatic

There is a green fanatic out there and it’s called the EPA. After a great beginning, cleaning up rivers and lands that were polluted they have run amuck. It seems like if your job is to clean up pollution and after it is done you should go into a m … [Read more...]