15 Dollars or not.

The federal minimum wage was enacted during the Great Depression. Recently, there have been voracious calls to raise it to $15 and California and New York have already pledged to raise their state standard to that number. According to the Bureau of … [Read more...]

On the subject of Illegal Immigration

We see on television many protests that are in support of Illegal immigrants but most of the protesters have no idea of the facts. Recently the Los Angeles times published an article that stated that about 40% of people working in Los Angeles are … [Read more...]

Lighting strikes

When lighting strikes sometimes everything changes and that is what is happening in Washington D.C. Never have there been so many changes so quickly. Perhaps we have been wrong in the past when electing politicians to office where their goal becomes … [Read more...]

The Deed is Done

Point of view the deed is done; the government has changed from liberal to conservative. What a change it will be with changes in government polices from top to bottom. The liberal’s dream of a socialist utopia destroyed for now and a new America r … [Read more...]

Hate Speech

It is seemly all around us and we should be shocked by its pure animosity. It’s hard to listen to any news cast on radio or television where you don’t hear someone calling Trump a fascist and comparing him to Hitler. Some even call for marching in the … [Read more...]

New Year Predictions from a Point of View

New Year Predictions from a Point of View. Trump has at least two years to make his major changes and they will start with voiding the executive orders issued by Obama and most of the job killing regulations. All will be dumped in the garbage can of … [Read more...]

Point of View on who was that person who voted for Donald Trump?

Deplorable, many call him a Racist, many women call him Sexist and the Muslim world call him an Infidel. In this column, he refers to both men and women but putting him and her in every phrase is just dumb. He, her (Last time I will use it) … [Read more...]

This was a revolution not an election.

  It was a dark night in America on the eve of the election; everyone was saying “Hail to Hillary the new President”. The pretender was lying about; a wall that could not be built and you cannot re-open closed factories. Treaties are sacred an … [Read more...]

We won the war

We won the battle and now it’s time for nation building.  After years and years of progressivism and globalism it is now possible to return our country to the course our founding fathers set us. Such as reestablishing our national boarders, the ex … [Read more...]

Decision Day

After all the ads we go to the poles next Tuesday and the question for our country is, do we want a turnaround or stay the course. Many like the “Fundamental Change” we have experienced over the last 7 ½ years and many do not. I want my vote to sup … [Read more...]