The first 6 months

What has happened in the 6 months since President Trump took office? Everything is on the move with the US Stock Markets at record highs. The DOW market average has risen 18% since the election in November. The DOW took just 66 days to climb from … [Read more...]

What’s happening to America?

After the 4th of July celebrations it may be time to reflect on the changes that are happening to our country. As the fireworks filled the night skies with bright stars of light and the firecrackers could be heard almost all night, the newspapers and … [Read more...]

A one way ticket

If you have a one way ticket from Somalia then you’re likely never to have to go back and that is why it is important to know who we open the door to. It is refreshing that the Supreme Court has recognized the President has the authority to control o … [Read more...]

Swamp Creature

A swamp creature was captured this week. One of the biggest and most powerful swamp dwellers was unmasked and removed from the swamp. Those creatures are hard to uncover and will fight to the death to protect their power and position. They are smart … [Read more...]

Outbreak of Mad Crowd Disease

Are we experiencing an outbreak of Mad Crowd Disease throughout the United States? Animals have their times of recklessness, where they will do anything to support their madness. Today whole groups of people seem to have fixed their minds upon one … [Read more...]


Leaks, leaks, everywhere. In the last few months leaks have appeared everywhere and have damaged our republic and its’ relationship with foreign countries, and even has done damage within our country. Some make the case for transparency, but others … [Read more...]

When was America Great?

“Make America Great again,” a great election slogan but a little harder to identify when it was so great that we want to go back to that time. The easy answer might the time of Ronald Reagan but then again he was only able to roll back a few of the so … [Read more...]

Ayn Rand

There is a new book in the White House and it was written by a Russian born woman. Her book expresses the philosophy of rugged, uncompromising individualism, the fear of an overbearing government and a conformist world in the corporate boardroom. The … [Read more...]

Nevada Ranks Number 4

Nevada ranked number 4 with 64% of all births paid for by Medicaid.  More than half the babies born in the state were at the taxpayers’ expense because their parents or at least the mother is on some type of welfare.   This is according to The Kaiser … [Read more...]

I know that Donald Trump said he will put people back to work but will there be any work in the future?

I know that Donald Trump said he will put people back to work but will there be any work in the future? Think for a moment what the future most likely will be like with most of today’s jobs gone! Think back just 20 years when everybody used Kodak f … [Read more...]