The memo is out

The FISA Memo by the House Intelligence Committee Chairman was recently declassified and the Democrats are furious saying the memo is incomplete, full of lies and half-truths. Before it was released the FBI, Justice Department, Democratic members of … [Read more...]

What is with the FBI?

What is with the FBI? Shocking new revelations are coming out daily about Agents apparently misusing their authority and office. After stonewalling Congress for almost a year, some e-mail and phone texting records are now being given to the … [Read more...]

Free at Last

Free at last after almost 4 years. After the stand-off with federal agents in an armed showdown over cattle grazing, Cliven Bundy, two of his sons and Ryan Payne a participant in the stand-off, all freed on Monday after being held for almost 700 days … [Read more...]

In the final days of 2017

In the final days of 2017 some people are noticing that Donald Trump has gotten a lot done in his wild first year in the White House.  Tax reform has passed and is signed into law. It has cut corporate and individual taxes. Some people say that the … [Read more...]

Paris Agreement

We are living on borrowed time if you can remember the dire warning from the United Nations and other more scientific publications. In 1989 the San Jose Mercury published a story quoting a senior environmental official at the United Nations, Noel … [Read more...]

Republicans are pushing hard

Republicans are pushing hard to get their tax cut plan through congress, this is despite polling that shows more than half of Americans oppose the proposal to reduce corporate rates and individual tax rates. How can that be that the majority oppose … [Read more...]

Has America lost its’ Mojo?

At a recent gathering of friends someone posed the idea that we had seen the high point in American civilization and it was downhill from there. Some raised the point that we had elected a different kind of President and he was making big changes to … [Read more...]

Mueller’s Triumph

What about Mueller’s investigation of Trump’s campaign concluding with the Russians? It seems that he and this team has hooked a few fish, a very few expensive fish at that. After months and months of work on the case we do have some big time cri … [Read more...]

Gun Control or Control?

It is very interesting that some people call for more gun laws to stop the violence yet those cities that have the most restrictive gun laws have the most violence by far. There are about 30,000 gun deaths a year and most are suicide and are almost … [Read more...]

The horror in Las Vegas

The horror in Las Vegas shocks everyone and most are so concerned about the victims that their thoughts and prayers are concentrating on the people involved. Thinking about those who lost love ones or are in a hospital recovering, even those who ran … [Read more...]