Vote or no Vote

Voting here in America is considered by many a right and by some a privilege. At the beginning of our country, voting was only by the landowners and/or taxpayers who were white men. They were the ones who determined the course of the government. … [Read more...]

Benghazi – What difference does it make?

Benghazi is where the heroes died and afterwards the cowards lied. What a terrible mark on the American record. This week a new book “13 Hours” came out telling the story of the contractors on the ground who fought during the attack. This is the fir … [Read more...]

Biggest Job Killer

The powerhouse of America’s business is being killed and that’s why we can’t pull out of this recession. Recently I watched a T.V. series called the men who built America and it detailed the businesses who turned us into the envy of the world. The nam … [Read more...]

Christianity vs. Islam: the War of Faiths

The war between Christianity and Islam has been going on for hundreds of years with no sign of abating. The recent history begins with the destruction of the Ottoman Empire who sided with Germany during World War 1. When they lost the war in 1918, … [Read more...]

Point of View: Losing our Origin

Is American changing so much that we’re losing the Republic our Founding Fathers brought forth? The answer is yes, it is slipping away from all of us. Where the slide first began is hard to determine but it has been steadily going downhill for a long … [Read more...]

What if they came to our town?

The situation on our border with Mexico is unbelievable. How could our own government ignore the laws and just let everyone in? Those people who we trusted to protect our boarders and our towns. I do hear the cry to “Help the Children” but we aren’t h … [Read more...]

POV: 4th of July

On July 4, 1776, we announced our independence from Britain and the Republic was born. That Republic has brought its citizens incredible wealth and freedom. This idea of freedom and the right to pursue ones dreams has attracted millions in search of … [Read more...]