Wipe out

Many Democrats are celebrating tonight and they should as America has turned toward the socialist state where we take from the people who earn and give to those who do not. The results are in and most house seats were won by those who are the takers … [Read more...]

Mobs or Jobs?

This mid-term election is the vote that will determine the direction our country takes for the next generation. The forces of socialism are strong and are poised for a takeover. Capitalism is under assault, but luckily it has one very strong … [Read more...]

Judicial committee was never about justice

The Judicial Committee hearing regarding confirmation of Justice Kavanagh was never about justice to the Democrats on the committee – it was about denying appointment to anyone Trump nominated that would move the court to the right. Yet the Democrats … [Read more...]

Democrats should be ashamed

Democrats should be ashamed and particularly Senator Dianne Feinstein who engineered the last minute attempt to ambush Supreme Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh.  Feinstein, who is the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary committee vetting Kavanaugh, … [Read more...]

What made America great?

What has happened to the American spirit? We were a country of tough people who built an economic power house which was the envy of the world. We were willing to risk it all and if we failed, we simply got up and tried again and again. But today … [Read more...]

Parallel Worlds?

Listening to the news on different stations it seems there is a parallel universe. Some stations feature a woman of what we used to call “of easy virtue” who was blackmailing the potential candidate for President. This is a woman who in the past … [Read more...]

Cultural Diversity

Maybe I’m too young to remember when we voted to move to a diverse cultural society. I thought that our culture was pretty good and we were constantly improving it. But someone someplace decided that our culture was not good enough and decided to … [Read more...]

Hate is a terrible thing

Hate is a terrible thing and it has become pervasive in our society.  Everywhere some are showing hate for our President through words and even actions. Elected representatives of the people are calling for violence against people who are working for … [Read more...]

Helsinki Showdown

It is funny how many smart people misjudged what was going on in Helsinki. Many on the right were demanding that Trump call the President of a major rival country a liar in an open press conference. Those on the left claimed that he sold out the … [Read more...]

No more ICE

No more ICE is the cry from the left. So let’s not send any illegals back from where they came from. Let them overwhelm our schools, social systems and our medical facilities. They come from south of the border and have almost no skills so they need … [Read more...]