The Christmas Sacrifice

When looking at shepherds and Magi, what we see is that they were willing to sacrifice, to pay the price to see the King. The shepherd’s sacrifice was their willingness to leave their sheep to fend for themselves while they went off to find the L … [Read more...]

This week in history Dec. 21-26

Dec. 21, 1915: H. P. Iverson, who recently got lost while returning from Washington, has recovered from the effects of the bad time he underwent. He is 81 years old and is now hale and hearty. Dec. 22, 1919: Mr. and Mrs. J.R. McKnight have just … [Read more...]

Bundy case secrecy being rightfully challenged

No matter how the current trial of four defendants in the April 2014 standoff between armed protesters and Bureau of Land Management agents trying to confiscate Cliven Bundy’s cattle turns out — conviction, acquittal, mistrial, dismissal of charges — … [Read more...]

In The Spirit of Christmas

Christmas means different things for different people; like keeping family traditions and shopping…or planning festivities, baking goodies and, or dinner. In the spirit of Christmas, many will think about the past, present and future. Christmases p … [Read more...]

Our Internal Clock

Apparently the companies that manufacture alarm clocks might as well close up shop, turn off the lights and everyone go home. The word on the street is that we all have these internal clocks that will wake us up at exactly the right time after a … [Read more...]

Ash Springs Petroglyph Site

by Tom Garrison © 2017 Tom Garrison I dare say most of us love a good archeological adventure story. After all, Raiders of the Lost Ark was a huge hit. A feature in all such movies is deciphering some ancient writing. If you enjoy playing … [Read more...]

Alimony, Child Support, and What they Mean for Divorcing Parties

From time to time individuals will decide they need to divorce. Although it’s never a happy occasion, knowing as much as possible about the laws governing divorce can make a difficult process as easy as possible. Once question most divorce clients h … [Read more...]

This week in history Dec. 14-20

Dec. 14, 1910: School has closed for the holidays; the teachers are going to their homes at St George. Dec. 14, 1973: Interstate 15 pass opens through the Virgin River Gorge. Dec. 17, 1914: The county commissioners will hold a meeting tomorrow … [Read more...]

Give the gift of knowledge about Nevada

Christmas is coming and you’re still scratching your head over just what to get for that special Nevada friend or family member. How about a gift that will keep giving for years to come — a book, specifically a book about Nevada and/or the West? A … [Read more...]

This Isn’t What They Had in Mind

The Estate Tax is not a new idea. The current iteration was written into law in 1916 and has stood, with variations, for 101 years. The tax has not put an undo burden on the wealthy as the share of wealth owned by the top 10% has steadily risen, … [Read more...]