Mueller’s Triumph

What about Mueller’s investigation of Trump’s campaign concluding with the Russians? It seems that he and this team has hooked a few fish, a very few expensive fish at that. After months and months of work on the case we do have some big time … [Read more...]

Life Changes Us All

 We sit in the back row at church. No real reason for this. It just happens that way. So the back of my head of hair has not been an issue—until now.                  I was drying my hair after a shower and I happened to see what I thought was a … [Read more...]

Flirting with Sexual Harassment Suits

High power jobs have come a long way, especially where women are concerned…but what drives females to enter male dominated businesses… is it the pay scale, or the fact that women believe they can get the job done better? I have my own personal … [Read more...]

This week in history Oct. 26-Nov. 1

Oct 25, 1921: Myron Leavitt of Bunkerville is spending a few days here (Gunlock UT) on Business. Oct 28, 1916: County Superintendent, G.F. Anderson (of Las Vegas) has been visiting our school this week Mrs. Annie Lee of Overton is cooking at … [Read more...]

Gun law backers too wily for their own good

The backers of a 2016 ballot initiative to create a state law requiring criminal background checks for all private party gun sales — something not required by federal law — are asking the courts to fix a fatal flaw that they themselves … [Read more...]

Watch Yourself

You know when you fall down or trip on your own feet you can feel the eyes of those around you are upon you? How do you know that? Is it because when someone around you falls down or trips on their own feet that you are watching them? Well not on … [Read more...]

How Overuse of Social Media Affects Children

People everywhere are familiar with social media sites such as Face Book, Instagram, Linked In, and Twitter; in fact… our children have become quite reliant on some of these sites when it comes to making new friends and more. Today, communication via … [Read more...]

This week in history Oct. 19-25

Oct. 22, 1915: Word was received today that Orson Leavitt was thrown from a horse and killed, living only a few hours after the fall. He was Kaolin working. Hamon Tobler has just returned from Richfield UT and neighboring towns, where he has been … [Read more...]

Bill would limit power to create national monuments

The House Committee on Natural Resources this past week approved a bill sponsored by Utah Republican Rep. Rob Bishop to rein in the powers granted by the Antiquities Act of 1906 that allow a president to unilaterally create huge national … [Read more...]

So You’re Lending Money to a Friend?

A Few Suggestions There’s an old saying that before lending money to a friend, you should consider which is more important to you, the money or the friend because you’re going to be losing one or the other. Many—if not all—of us have at one time … [Read more...]