This week in history July 19-25

July 18, 1908, Bunkrerville: On July 4th Eugene Barnum son of A>J> Barnum, while waking up the town of Mesquite held a stick of powder too long and lost some of his fingers and was otherwise damaged.The people of this section will pull for a … [Read more...]

Helsinki Showdown

It is funny how many smart people misjudged what was going on in Helsinki. Many on the right were demanding that Trump call the President of a major rival country a liar in an open press conference. Those on the left claimed that he sold out the … [Read more...]

A FIN-ished Fish Story

 I’m looking for my happy. I have been told lately that I need to find then do what makes me happy. Now on the surface that sounds pretty easy. But when it comes down to it what makes you happy is not all that easy to put your finger on. Just try it. … [Read more...]

All about Travel Insurance

The travel season is upon us and people have already planned their trips near and far…but it’s easy to overlook those ‘what-ifs?’ when assuming all will go smoothly. Things can easily be overlooked…so what could possibly go wrong? Airports, train and, … [Read more...]

Mark Twain, Lake Tahoe Timber Baron

Part 2 -  The Inferno Dennis Cassinelli      Having worked for over eight years at Glenbrook and navigated my own boat along the east and north shores of Lake Tahoe, I feel I can easily trace the route taken and where the timber camp Sam Clemens a … [Read more...]

Rosen’s DISCLOSE Act really CHILL Act

Democratic Rep. Jacky Rosen, who is seeking Republican Sen. Dean Heller’s seat in the November election, has come out strongly in support of a bill that would require disclosure of donors to groups seeking to influence political issues and c … [Read more...]

Established or not Established: That is the Question

The Declaration of Independence celebrated its 242nd birthday last week. The Fourth of July is always a fun day donning flag colors to fete our government and ourselves as a nation unique in the world. The party on the National Mall is prominent on … [Read more...]

It’s a Horse Race

 If you have never been to a horse race you have got to go to one or two or twelve. Beware though. If you have any clogging of arteries this may just be the thing that will get your heart going enough to clean out those arteries. Kind of like when … [Read more...]

Memberships for Everything

Remember years ago paying for that gym membership? I recall trying to negotiate my annual membership at Vic Tanny (a popular gym), dating back to the 1980’s. Since then, memberships have become less complicated when signing up, paving the way for a v … [Read more...]

Mark Twain, Lake Tahoe Timber Baron

Part 1 - The Irish Brigade Dennis Cassinelli Young Samuel Clemens came to the Nevada Territory with his Brother, Orion, by stagecoach in 1861. For several years, Sam tried his hand at different vocations, searching for one that did not … [Read more...]