From the Mayor-On the smoking ban and psychological effects of being unemployed

Nowadays having a job is very important if you wish to live a comfortable life.  Almost everyone dreams of having a successful career, but often due to unavoidable circumstances, people find themselves unemployed.  I said unavoidable; a ban on s … [Read more...]

An up-close sighting of pronghorn antelope

On a recent hunting/camping trip to Humboldt and Elko counties, my son, John, and I had a remarkable closeup experience with a group of the elusive pronghorn antelope abundant in the area. It is rare to approach very close to these beautiful animals, … [Read more...]

“The Joy of Salvation”

By Pastor Travis Lauterbauch David said, “Restore to me the joy of your salvation.” (Psalm 51:12) He had experienced some sort of angst, peril, or dare I say, dread of condemnation. Regarding this same event in life, he used more colorful des … [Read more...]

How will energy choice affect rural Nevada?

Part 2 If the Energy Choice Initiative (ECI) amending the state Constitution to create a competitive market for electricity passes again in the fall its impact on power bills in rural Nevada will depend on how the Legislature writes the rules to … [Read more...]

This week in history May 31-June 6

May 31, 1882: 15 families and a total of 71 inhabitants live on the flat (Now Mesquite) June 1, 1916: Mr. and Mrs. Will Bunker of Delta Utah were here last week visiting Mrs. Bunker’s parents Mr. and Mrs. H P Iverson. June 2, 1917: Las Vegas A … [Read more...]

“Shining City on a Hill”: Come Out of the Fog

Being president of the United States requires skills as an architect, an engineer, and a contractor. Putting the work of the people into practice is important, but not nearly as important as being the spiritual leader. I’m not suggesting any sort of r … [Read more...]

Trying to Find Peace in a World of Violence

The streets of America are filled with violence every day; even suburban neighborhoods are being targeted. Turning on the television is sometimes like entering a dark room while feeling anxious, expecting the unexpected…never knowing if ‘Breaking New … [Read more...]

The Walking Rocks of the Fernley Marsh

As I travel around the Nevada deserts and mountains, I sometimes find things out there that defy description and logic. When I was working as an inspector on a highway construction project on Interstate 80 near Fernley Nevada a few years ago, I … [Read more...]

Have You Seen My Sunglasses

The sun drives me crazy. My skin comes from a long line of glow in the dark, light skinned, nearly see through Europeans. The kind of people that might have been used to light up the stage for Vaudeville players. Yes, that … [Read more...]

This week in history May 24-30

May 25,1923: Graduating exercises of the Clark County Normal were held today. the program was well attended and decorations beautiful. The graduates are Vera Wittwer, Amy Earl, Iris Waite, Grace Cooper, Vincent Leavitt and Ralph Huntsman. May 26, … [Read more...]