Summers Departure brings Mixed Emotions

As fall approaches, it’s not uncommon for people to feel a bit emotional; with fluctuating weather temperatures and distinct aromas in the air, the passing days become shorter. The fragrant smells of fall such as apple pies, cinnamon sticks, vanilla a … [Read more...]

The Brush Off

 There was a time when men used something called Butch Wax in their hair. It was this pinkish wax that was put on with a plastic rectangular brush that was held in the palm of a hand. It made buzz cut, flat top hair stand up to hurricane force winds … [Read more...]

Farewell to the outhouses

Every year in October, Virginia City, Nevada celebrates their annual outhouse races. The 2018 races will be held October 6th and 7th. PottyHumor abounds at this Virginia City tradition dating back to the day when outdoor plumbing was outlawed … [Read more...]

This week in history Sept. 20-28

September 27, 1909, Littlefield:  We had a pleasant rain on the 27th which did much good on the ranges. Molasses making is in progress with a good yield. Miss Maggie Iverson has returned for Mesquite, where she was picking grapes on the big … [Read more...]

Remember history, don’t erase it

Confederate memorials and statues all across the South are being torn down or moved out of sight. In dozens of states the Democratic fundraising dinners once called Jefferson-Jackson dinners have been renamed because Thomas Jefferson owned slaves … [Read more...]

Ready, Set, Vote

Primary elections are over and now it’s time citizens go to work. Just in case you’ve been living in a tree, we have mid-term elections coming up in seven weeks. In our republic we like to say we get to choose our representatives. That isn’t exact … [Read more...]

The Microwave

  If you have been on Mother Earth for more than let’s say fifty years you may remember when microwave ovens were a new thing. I still have no idea how a microwave oven works. Of course I still don’t know how my father could make a long string and two … [Read more...]

Celebrating World Peace this Week

On Friday, September 21st, 2018 we will celebrate International Day of Peace. Looking forward is something we should all do, but in light of the most recent events such as the hurricane in the Carolinas, Typhoons in the Philippines, China and Hong … [Read more...]

Old Virginia, Gourmet camp cook

Dennis Cassinelli       The name of Virginia City is said to have been given by James Finney, one of the original prospectors who made the discovery of the famous Comstock Lode. Being from the state of Virginia, Finney became known by the other pr … [Read more...]

No God No Peace

Picture a massive hurricane raging over the ocean. Violent winds are whipping the water into a frenzy and giant waves are creating havoc and chaos everywhere. Ship crews fight desperately to anchor down their vessels to prevent them from being … [Read more...]