Credit Check

 In a discussion the topic of credit comes up. There are as many facets about credit as there are grains of sand on Pismo Beach—that is to say nearly innumerable. To dissect a credit profile takes knowledge and power. Knowledge in knowing that three l … [Read more...]

Making Life Simpler with Love

Every day is a new beginning, yet some don’t look at it this way. Mondays are usually considered the start of a new week and come quickly, as most usually begin work or school on this day…but times are changing.  Millennials have access to a variety o … [Read more...]

Court case is about free speech not abortion

This past week the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in a case — NIFLA v. Becerra — that could answer the question of whether forcing speech on certain professionals is a violation of the free speech clause of the First Amendment. NIFLA is the Nat … [Read more...]

This week in history March 29-April 4

March 31, 1906: A heavy flood came down the Rio virgin a few days since and washed out the Bunkerville and Mesquite Dams, but a force of men and teams are repairing them and there will soon be water available again. March 31, 1906: E Bunker Jr Has … [Read more...]

Blame the NRA

Every time there is a shooting the liberal left blames the National Rifle Association (NRA). The funny thing is that the Association cannot even carry a gun. It has no arms or legs; it is just an organization of likeminded people dedicated to … [Read more...]


  I have had my ears pierced twice in my lifetime. Not twice as in four holes, but two separate times because several years after the first experience which involved ice cubes a big, no a huge needle and half a potato in my mom’s kitchen, the holes gr … [Read more...]


When my grandmother passed away a few years ago, one of the most difficult things for our family to deal with as far as her estate was concerned was who should get her personal belongings; many of which held significant sentimental value to her and … [Read more...]

Trump administration settles suit over habitat rules

The Trump administration has settled a lawsuit filed by Nevada and 19 other states over Obama administration rules that sweepingly redefined what constituted critical habitat for endangered species and has agreed to rewrite those rules. The suit, … [Read more...]

This week in history March 22-28

March 22, 1912: Our school district closed tonight.Some of the boys have gone to the mountains for snow and the girls are collecting milk so as to have ice cream for the parents and children that will come to the school celebration. March 23, … [Read more...]

Cloudy Made Clear

English. What a language!  Words come and go and some even change meaning. The flavor of language today is different from eras past. If language were a meal, the usage of the 18th century, the language of the Constitution, would be plated and served … [Read more...]