Hate is a terrible thing

Hate is a terrible thing and it has become pervasive in our society.  Everywhere some are showing hate for our President through words and even actions. Elected representatives of the people are calling for violence against people who are working for … [Read more...]

Suits Me To A Tea

My favorite meal to eat out is breakfast. Just something about having someone else make the hash browns, eggs and bacon and then do the cleaning up afterwards is like a great gift to me. Don’t get me wrong, lunch and dinner out will not be turned d … [Read more...]

Hotel Etiquette

Etiquette…it’s a code of polite behavior within social settings in a particular profession or group. Human behavior varies though, as it stems from our genetics and is influenced through our core values, ethics, culture and attitudes. Genes are def … [Read more...]

This week in history July 26-Aug. 1

July 26, 1917:  Military Draft completed Friday in Washington. DC. List of Clark County Men Drawn in the first 2000 numbers which will be called, from which the First Army of 687,000 will be selected. Some of the men from this area called to serve … [Read more...]

BLM rule change doesn’t signal wild horse slaughter

Wild horse advocates are apoplectic over a change in rules for selling off wild horses recently announced by the Trump administration’s Bureau of Land Management, saying it could lead to the animals being sold for slaughter. In 2013, after l … [Read more...]

Road Trip!

Mrs. Making-Sentences and I are on vacation. As we were in preparations, you know; donating the newspaper delivery to the local school, seeing that the cats are well cared for, putting a hold on the mail, and informing the neighbor it’s time to repay … [Read more...]

The Circus of Life

Occasionally everyone you or I know will have a run of unluckiness. You know, a flat tire along a hot highway on a vacation where your four kids all come down with the stomach flu. While trying to get into shape you crash your bike into the … [Read more...]

Movies that Deliver a Message

Everyone wants to see the blockbuster movies; Hollywood movies made with A-list Stars that receive all the hype, bringing in lots of money as people line up on their opening weekends to see them. Who doesn’t like a great movie today; but what’s great … [Read more...]

Hank Monk: A stage driver to get you there on time

Very few images define the spirit of the Old West more than the colorful picture of a stagecoach dashing through the spectacular scenery of the western mountains drawn by a team of four or six beautiful horses. For very good reason, this image has … [Read more...]

Pardon for Oregon ranchers just the first step

Etched in stone above the entrance of the U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington are the words: “Equal justice under law.” The treatment of father and son Oregon ranchers by the federal judicial system makes a travesty of those words, though Pre … [Read more...]