Congress Has Forgotten How to Say “Yes”

The United States is a country of immigrants. We are the only country founded on the ideas of freedom and inclusion. We must keep reminding ourselves because we are a long-time reaching those ideals. Being that unique country, it only makes sense … [Read more...]

A Word about Food

Summer is here, so this means that many of us will plan outdoor festivities with food and drinks. Grocery shopping becomes a little challenging when we know that the food will be exposed to air for a period of time, so beginning with storing the food … [Read more...]

When It Rains

  I’m going to bet that when you read the title, “When It Rains,” you will think the next line is, “It Pours.” Thus concluding that today I am going to discuss the ins and outs of Murphy’s Law. But that isn’t the case. No I want to really talk abou … [Read more...]

The Perfect Look, Selecting the Right Hair Stylist

By Richard Brown One of the hardest things is trying to find the perfect Hair Stylist.  Especially if your new in town, you want someone that really has a vision for your “Look” and works to make you well, wonderful looking. You want a style tha … [Read more...]

This week in history June 7-13

June 7, 1915, Littlefield AZ: The Misses Tena and Maud Reber went to mesquite tonight to assist the young people of that place to entertain the married people for the Mesquite Ward (congregation). Most all married and some young people went from … [Read more...]

Being ‘green’ is easy, ignore facts

If you thought the “green movement” was more about self-righteous politics than clear-headed science, here are two tales that prove the point. In Arizona a petition is being circulated in an effort to get on the ballot an initiative called the Cle … [Read more...]

How Are We To Love?

Love is not what we think. In our society there are many definitions for love. There’s a passionate love, where our emotions go wild. There’s a familial love where we say that blood is thicker than water. There’s also a love for others, sometimes thi … [Read more...]

Hatred on the left

Hatred on the left is so strong that is seems communication is almost impossible. Recently on a trip to Southern California a group of old friends got together and  sat down to catch up on where they were in life. All went well until someone wanted … [Read more...]


  Beginnings are very exciting. Unless of course it is the beginning of the end. But I have skipped to the end. Let’s start at the beginning shall we?  Again, beginnings are very exciting. The beginning of life whenever you believe that is might just … [Read more...]

My Thoughts on Small Cars

Filling up your gas tank these days can be painful at the pump, but for those who own smaller vehicles…well, they don’t feel the sting quite as much. It’s true that smaller cars get better gas mileage, but the larger ones offer more comfort and comes … [Read more...]