This week in history Nov. 9-15

Nov. 10, 1916: Newell Leavitt wife and babies came from Las Vegas to bring a new Ford auto to Bishop Earl. They stayed until after the election returning home by the way of Moapa. Bishop took them to Overton in his new car. Nov. 15, 1917: An … [Read more...]

Tax reform bill divides Nevada delegation along party lines

Like everything else to come out of Washington, the House tax reform bill introduced this past week has turned into a partisan hissing match in a fact-free zone. Republicans hail it as an economy stimulating second coming, while Democrats decry it … [Read more...]

Just Pick One!

Sometimes I think if I have to make one more choice I’m going to melt into a puddle of goo. Do I really have to know the best detergent to use? I’m tired of deciding which soda to drink so much so that I have started to drink some kind of instant … [Read more...]

Volunteer Opportunities for Everyone

In the world of volunteer jobs, the opportunities are endless. Many years ago, one would think about going to a local church, a community facility or Salvation Army in order to find a volunteer job, however that is no longer the ‘norm.’ Volunteer … [Read more...]

White Owl Canyon Trail: Slots in the Wilderness

by Tom Garrison © 2017 Tom Garrison Upon hearing the words slot(s) and Nevada, most people immediately imagine slot machines and gambling. I have no problem with gambling (I’ve been known to occasionally try my luck), but slots in Nevada … [Read more...]

“Silver bar” discovery at former Carson City mint

Dennis Cassinelli         In January, 1999 Cassinelli Construction Co. was employed by Nevada State Public Works Department to remove a portion of Carolyn Street at the Nevada State Museum to construct a parking lot and build a small park facing … [Read more...]

There Is A Cure For The Disease Called Sin

by Travis Lauterbach The doctor says to you, “If left untreated the cancer is terminal, but this medicine gives you an excellent likelihood of survival! Christians have always used the analogy of sickness for sin. Jesus said, “It is not the … [Read more...]

This week in history Nov. 2-8

Nov 1, 1908: Gardener Potter, son of William G. and Artimisha M. Potter passed away. We feel to say God comfort the bereaved ones. He leaves a wife and three small children. Nov 2, 1910: A disastrous fire at the home of Jas. S Abbott, practically … [Read more...]

Federally funded gun study misfires

Spend enough money, crunch enough data — you can “prove” anything. A recent study out of the hallowed halls of the University of California at Berkeley found a 70 percent increase in gun deaths and injuries in California communities after gun … [Read more...]

Loopholes, Deductions, and Quirks

The United States makes progress by taking baby steps. That has been my mantra in several columns over the years. It took all three branches of government using hundreds of court decisions, executive orders, enacted laws, and even a Constitutional … [Read more...]