Peter Mark Richman: The Pharmacist-Turned-Actor

[slideshow_deploy id='669'] Recognized mostly for hundreds of television roles dating back to the 1950s, Peter Mark Richman broke into film alongside Gary Cooper in the 1956 civil war western, “Friendly Persuasion.” Years earlier, a family memb … [Read more...]

Energy a National Imperative

Energy is the biggest issue we, as a nation, face in the long term.  It is also an issue that, with proper leadership, could unite the nation and provide some common ground for both political parties. The huge rise in our living standard since the … [Read more...]

The evolution of the plotline

During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England stage plays evolved from the retelling of folktales and rewritten Greek plays to actual multi-act original productions.  During this time playwrights came into their own and some gained … [Read more...]

A gentle reminder

You’ve been cautioned before. But are you prepared yet in case an emergency strikes? In case of an emergency do you have an evacuation plan and an alternate evacuation plan? In the case of an all-out emergency do you or have you given thought to p … [Read more...]

Julie Newmar still the cat’s meow

[slideshow_deploy id='678'] If you’re in the market for beauty tips and happen to be in Los Angeles on May 3, Julie Newmar has an invitation for you. Best known for her role as the original Catwoman in the ‘60s’ TV series “Batman,” Newmar will offer … [Read more...]

How to grow the economy

The voters’ biggest issue in November is likely to be the economy. Neither party has developed a solution to the current slow growth/stagnation. Officially GDP growth is somewhere around 2% per year. For a large portion of the population, desperately … [Read more...]

Pajama Wearing in Public

To wear… or not to wear; pajamas in public have become the “norm” for many when shopping, cruising or even going to a restaurant… so what happened to wearing clothes? It’s a controversy that people like to avoid when asked the question, especially if … [Read more...]

Character biographies are first

In my last article I touched on inventing characters.  What I would like to do in this article is walk through some points that I have used and still use in that inventing process. A story needs a storyteller.  Most writers in their first works use t … [Read more...]

Anthony James: So good at being bad

[slideshow_deploy id='859'] After completing his autobiography in 2009, former actor Anthony James approached several book agents. Their recommendation was unanimous: “It’s a wonderful memoir, but take your mother out of it and we’ll represent you!” … [Read more...]

How to make your characters live

Putting life into a fictional character might seem a daunting task for a writer, but if you have done your homework it is pretty simple.  In my last article I discussed Bios for characters.  This is the most important step in character building and i … [Read more...]