Marsha Hunt: The Blacklisted Beauty who Battled Back

[slideshow_deploy id='470'] Eighty years ago, 16-year-old Marsha Hunt graduated from high school and began her professional career with a prominent New York City modeling agency. But her real love since the age of four was acting. So, the … [Read more...]

Writing to the Reader

This week’s topic is writing to the reader.  Some of you may feel that a writer may not care about who reads their work.  That is far from the truth.  Writers take into account their intended readers, and how they should present their work, and what f … [Read more...]

Two Midnight Rule

A warning to senior citizens who have Medicare Insurance, there are changes coming for Medicare Insurance. One of the new rules is the Two Midnight Rule. Read and become knowledgeable because this one hits you the citizens in the pocket b … [Read more...]

Dog days of spring for sports enthusiasts

As spring fades and the summer heat returns sports enthusiasts all over the country look for activities to feed their addictions to sports watching. Sports are mainly seasonal at all levels amateur or professional, but for high school and college … [Read more...]

Was It Influence or Coercion on April 12, 2014?—The “Incident” at Bunkerville

On April 12, my wife and I left Mesquite around 9 a.m. to go to the Clark County Fair in Logandale. We saw an electronic warning sign about vehicles entering and leaving the freeway, and then we were frightened when we saw about 30 white big-ass vans … [Read more...]

The Importance of Proper Footwear

Warmer weather entices many of us to start losing the shoes and wearing open toe footwear… or less. Sandals have become a popular item through the years, however the original flip flop (consisting of a thin flat sole with a Y-shaped strap that passes … [Read more...]

Meals on Wheels a necessity for the community

Being a "yesterday's kid" I am interested in the Federal budget. I want to know what the elected ones are doing for senior citizens and I want to know what they are taking away from our over 60 crowd. There have been cuts to programs for the elderly. … [Read more...]

Reading effectively

This article will deal with the importance of being able to read effectively; In short this means comprehension of subject matter.  This might sound like an English lesson, however I would rather say that it is just good advice. To fully … [Read more...]

Peter Mark Richman: The Pharmacist-Turned-Actor

[slideshow_deploy id='669'] Recognized mostly for hundreds of television roles dating back to the 1950s, Peter Mark Richman broke into film alongside Gary Cooper in the 1956 civil war western, “Friendly Persuasion.” Years earlier, a family memb … [Read more...]

Energy a National Imperative

Energy is the biggest issue we, as a nation, face in the long term.  It is also an issue that, with proper leadership, could unite the nation and provide some common ground for both political parties. The huge rise in our living standard since the … [Read more...]