The Currency War…….we’re losing!

Several Republicans at this year’s CPAC conference called for the Republican Party to return to Reagan policies and principles.  There is one Reagan policy that our nation sorely needs. Even cursory evaluation of economic data and the substance of … [Read more...]

Searching for Treasures

 People everywhere are searching for something; some are out to find love and others are looking for a “find” … a treasure of sorts, which may include some extra money in their pockets, depending on the treasured item. Sound familiar? The topic last w … [Read more...]


  So if you go to your linen closet---Wait. Okay linen closet may be an over statement. Let’s just say that nook or cranny where you keep towels and sheets and extra bars of soap and old hot water bottles and hair clippers, table cloths, wadded up cor … [Read more...]

The Great “Climate Disruption” Fallacy

The latest twist in the political and ideological wars is “climate disruption” – the notion that carbon dioxide (CO2) from the burning of fossil fuels is “disrupting” global climate, with a variety of disasters as consequence.  Here are a few basic fa … [Read more...]

The “New” Retail of Today

Second hand stores are popping up everywhere these days, while bringing a new kind of client to shop in their thrift stores. People from all walks of life have tightened their belts when it comes to spending money. Thrift shops have been around for … [Read more...]

Democrats and Republicans are Both Right…sort of.

Special to the MLN  Free Trade is touted by many Republicans as God’s answer to global trade stability and market based economics; and is decried by many Democrats as being God’s curse on global trade! Who is right? In truth they both are … [Read more...]

Unwanted Calls

I am having an unwanted, unpleasant, unsolicited experience with a telephone number, no name. The number is a Nevada telephone number, I receive up to 15 calls a day from this red hot number that likes to bully. They wait until the phone is answered … [Read more...]

Saluting Marvin Kaplan

[slideshow_deploy id='428'] Half a century ago, the country was embroiled in civil rights conflicts, a war in Asia, and mourning the loss of a president. When released in the midst of this social turmoil in 1963, Stanley Kramer’s “It’s a Mad, Mad, … [Read more...]

The descriptive narrative frame of reference

When you read a novel what you are actually doing is building mental pictures in your mind as to what the book is about.  You actually started to develop this ability when Mother or Father would read picture-books to you at bed time, showing you the … [Read more...]

This Week in History – May 22, 2014

The Mesquite Local News has given me the opportunity to celebrate and share stories of The Virgin Valley’s past. I’m excited to share what I find out about the local history. I’m not a native to the Valley but I’m enjoying the opportunity I have to lo … [Read more...]