Italian Stallion Sliders On Kings Hawaiian Rolls

Italian Stallion Sliders On Kings Hawaiian Rolls (Makes 12 to 18) INGREDIENTS: Beef Patties: 1 lb. ground beef, (Black Angus) Spaghetti sauce (Barilla Spicy or Basic Marinara) 1 Tbs. Italian Spice blend 4 Tbs. chopped onion 2 garlic … [Read more...]

Taking Back America

With last week’s election the American people took the second step in taking back America. The first step was two years ago when they sent even more Republicans to the House of Representatives hoping that the message would be received and some c … [Read more...]

Trimming the Trees

We have trees growing around our house. This may seem like a little thing to most people as there are trees growing around most every house. But we planted each tree ourselves and made the yard just how we want it. We live in a farming community and … [Read more...]

Voters Seeing “Red”

This past Tuesday voters voted turned Nevada and the nation “Red.”  What started as a Republican wave, ended as a tsunami.  Blue state after blue state turned red as voters handed Republicans a seven-seat swing in the Senate, several governorships and … [Read more...]

A Collection of Sentimental Photos

 Young and innocent, this is how we begin our lives, taking in each and every day; suddenly as adults we live life vicariously, and so… a collection of snapshots from those moments that are unforgettable, somewhere put in a box most likely by a pa … [Read more...]

The Law Of The Harvest

By Pastor Bill Montgomery The law is simple and the law is sure. You not only reap what you sow, but if you sow you are guaranteed to reap. Can you remember a parent or grandparent warning you about your choices in life? They would say; don’t fo … [Read more...]

November’s Featured Realtor: Deb Parsley

Beautiful Willow Home with view of Virgin Mountains at 1300 Basin View in Sun City, Mesquite's Prominence Neighborhood. 2408 SF for just $389,500. LOVE IT, LIVE IT!!! SID paid in full. This popular Willow model that is no longer available by the … [Read more...]

Pie on the Porch

Preparing Thanksgiving dinner the year after my grandmother died was sad. Traditionally, the women in our family shared Thanksgiving kitchen duty in relative harmony. Our disagreements were few, light hearted and easily resolved. However, the last … [Read more...]

This Week In History Nov. 6, 2014

November 1878- Bunkerville Voting precinct established. November 11 1897; The Mesquite Branch of the Relief Society was organized. (The women's organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) November 11, 1918 was set as … [Read more...]

Let water seek its price level in a free market

The West has been parched by drought for 15 years. Lake Mead stands at 39 percent of its capacity. Thousands of acres of agricultural land lie fallow. Fruit and nut trees are dying. Cities are banning lawn watering. The dwindling waters of the … [Read more...]