Sending Dinner Back

I have been to many different restaurants as I am sure many of you have.  There have been really good ones and really bad ones.  For the most part just regular ones that have food and service that are fine. I have never sent anything back to the k … [Read more...]

Mayor answers Medical Marijuana questions

This month I have put together some questions and answers about medical marijuana.  The answers are from legal opinions issued by legal experts in Las Vegas.  Of course, it’s rare to get lawyers to agree on legal issues, so don’t accept these as the f … [Read more...]

Time to stop warrantless searches and seizures of private property in Nevada

Civil asset forfeiture has turned into a fundraising scam for federal and local law enforcement agencies, who use the excuse that seized cash, cars and homes are the product of suspected criminal endeavors and thus forfeitable to the government, … [Read more...]

Making Memories

 Memories are something shared, a remembrance from the past; I like to think of special family events such as picnics, vacations, birthdays or weddings, we find ourselves with cameras in hand… trying to get those perfect, or sometimes unforgettable mo … [Read more...]

Biggest Job Killer

The powerhouse of America’s business is being killed and that’s why we can’t pull out of this recession. Recently I watched a T.V. series called the men who built America and it detailed the businesses who turned us into the envy of the world. The nam … [Read more...]

Doling our tax favors won’t do anything to improve state’s economy

Largely overlooked at first during all the congratulatory back slapping — which came with the news that Tesla Motors had built an earthen pad in an industrial park east of Sparks for its new $5 billion lithium-ion battery "gigafactory" that would emp … [Read more...]

This Week in Local History, August 17 – 23

This Week in Local History August 17th - 23rd August 21st 1877  Orange Leavitt took Dudley Leavitt to Santa Clara for medical help. Extreme weather caused men to become sick with fever and chills. August 1879 Cotton harvest in Bunkerville yi … [Read more...]


There are many layers to exhaustion. In the dictionary exhaustion is defined as extreme fatigue. That could be cured by a good night’s sleep. But real exhaustion, the kind that means; if I have to pick up one more thing off the floor; if I have to s … [Read more...]

Farmers’ Market Greens With Warm Goat Cheese And Homemade Berry Vinaigrette

Drizzle your own homemade berry vinaigrette over fresh salad greens served with two medallions of warm goat cheese. This would be lovely garnished with fresh berries. 2 egg whites 1-teaspoon water 1 round log goat cheese (one pound), … [Read more...]

Depression is a Serious Matter

Emotions are a part of life, but depression is a demon all its own. It doesn’t come with a particular gender or age; however it should be taken seriously and not as someone’s weakness… there are different forms of clinical depression. I am not a docto … [Read more...]