This Week In History Dec. 24, 2014

December 25th 1877; Heavy drizzling rain. Christmas Dance moved to New Year's Eve. December 31st 1877; A dance floor was built out of rough pine planks. The walls were made of canvas with one side open a huge bonfire was built. Accordion was … [Read more...]

Christmas Celebration

Christmas is a time for fun, friends and family yet this year it should also be a time of introspection, for as they say the barbarians are at the gates. As we look around the world, Christianity is under attack and the question is who is going to … [Read more...]

The Recovery that isn’t

The last election gave full control of congress to the Republican Party – beyond that party’s most optimistic projections. Yet it was less a positive choice than a last attempt to escape the parlous state the country is in, and for which the party in … [Read more...]

This Week in History, Dec. 19, 2014

Dec 23 1867: huge flood hits beaver dam settlement. December 18 1928:  A meeting is held to organize funds to build the relief society house. (located on 21 North Willow Street.) … [Read more...]

God’s Greatest Gift Is Love

That word ‘love’ has been an inspiration for many songs, poems and even life-changing events. Many people get married in the name and for the sake of love. Today love has become a mixed up term with little meaning and people have become confused ab … [Read more...]


This time of year is filled with family and cultural traditions, many of which evoke strong feelings of conflict and disharmony.  Most folks realize how quickly family conflicts can turn happy occasions into a tense, stressful experience and convert … [Read more...]

Give the gift that warms the heart and feeds the brain — a good book

In case you are approaching wit’s end as Christmas Day looms around the bend, and you’ve still not come up with that unique gift for that unique Nevada friend or family member, may I be so bold as to suggest a gift that will give pleasure for years to … [Read more...]

Rough and Tumble

Recently in a conversation I realized that within families there is usually at least one person that is more prone to being an accident just waiting to happen.  But that person also seems to have the luck of the Irish about them too.  Watching them go … [Read more...]

Country Style Ribs With Escarole

Country Style Ribs With Escarole (Good any time of the year) Ingredients: 4 lbs. country style pork ribs 2 bunches escarole 1 tsp. garlic powder 1 tsp. oregano 1 large can tomatoes Salt and pepper to taste Preparation: Brown ribs in … [Read more...]

Simple Acts of Kindness May Bring Extra Joy to Your Holidays

I’m sure you have heard the old expression “If you haven’t anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” whether your mother told you this growing up, or you heard it somewhere else, there is some truth in this and it is my belief that if many of u … [Read more...]