Finding Passion in our Lives

Passion is an emotion; it’s a deep, almost uncontrollable feeling… a strong desire for something, or somebody. But what about finding our real purpose in our life? Without feeling important to someone (caring for another person), we can find our … [Read more...]

This week in Local History June 16th- June 22nd

1916 – New Flour Mill in Mesquite opened for business. 1924- New auto road to Moapa 1930 - 290 people resided in Bunkerville,  451 people resided in Mesquite, 75 Littlefield, 58 Beaver Dam 1931- Oiled Mormon Mesa 1934- CCC Camp -250 Men co … [Read more...]

Be Engaged in Life

Following the death of her 47 year old daughter, a former employee of my deceased husband sent me a letter and near the end of it she wrote:   “Vern was a wonderful boss and my hero.  He paid attention to me whether I was talking about work or non- wo … [Read more...]

Monroe’s election performance hard to quantify

In more than four decades of covering elections across four different states, half of those in Nevada, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything quite like the results this past week in the Republican primary for Congressional District 4, which covers the … [Read more...]

The Republican Dilemma…..Wall Street vs. Main Street

We've all heard comments about what is wrong with the Republican Party: it’s a circular firing squad; there’s an internal fight for the soul of the party, etc. Republicans have been putting candidates up for national office that are too far right f … [Read more...]

Origins of the Wedding Planner

Weddings today have become big business, enticing those with money and careers… the wedding planner industry does about 40 billion dollars a year, according to sources. Young successful couples don’t have time to, (or actually don’t want to take the t … [Read more...]

Parents Are People Too

There was a quite unassuming demeanor that floated around my mom.  But when you got her going she was a kick in the pants.  After my parents married they grew up together, fast. I may sound like a history teacher but it was after WWII, the big one, … [Read more...]

This week in History June 8-14th

Virgin Valley Heritage Museum This week in History June 8-14th 1866 –Lincoln County Created. Mesquite use to be a part of Lincoln County. 1925- First Silent Pictures shown in Mesquite on white plastered wall in Ho … [Read more...]

Nevada leads nation in reducing carbon output

Those onerous and costly Environmental Protection Agency rules requiring power plants in each state to cut carbon output by 30 percent from its 2005 level by 2030 should not be so onerous and costly for Nevadans after all. We've already done … [Read more...]

The Currency War…….we’re losing!

Several Republicans at this year’s CPAC conference called for the Republican Party to return to Reagan policies and principles.  There is one Reagan policy that our nation sorely needs. Even cursory evaluation of economic data and the substance of … [Read more...]