Free Gas?

Driving by the local gas station I was shocked to see the price of gas below two dollars. It almost seemed like gas was free after paying almost five dollars in some places. I wonder what is going on. I had heard Obama’s previous Secretary of Energy S … [Read more...]

The Art of Apology

Let’s begin with relationships… we all have them; whether they’re family, friends or just acquaintances, we speak to people every day… or almost every day; communication; a means of sending messages, imparting news, thoughts and opinions (exchanging i … [Read more...]

This Week In History Jan. 16, 2015

January 21 1951 Atomic Testing begins in Nevada. January 1933 Riverside Bridge open again after flooding. January 20 1981 Iran Hostage Crisis ends. January 21st 1977 President Carter Pardons draft dodgers. … [Read more...]

The Lord’s Prayer

There are a lot of faulty misconceptions about prayer, a lot of confusion about how prayer works and why we pray and when to pray. Yet there is nothing more vital to your Christian life than prayer. Some people think prayer is a magic wand. We … [Read more...]

Think tank outlines how to make Nevada taxation fairer and more stable

The word that will be buzzing through the halls of the Nevada Legislature like a swarm of bees from February until June will be “taxes” — whether to raise them, create new ones or fix the ones we have. Our lawmakers would do well to heed the advic … [Read more...]

A Gem at Wal-Mart

When I was a child there was a gentleman in our neighborhood who always took the time to say a cheery hello to the children, share a smile and a friendly greeting for his peers and, do light yard work or other acts of kindness for the elderly.  The … [Read more...]

The Straw Pole

What does it say about me that I know which fast food place has the best straws? There are the ones with those skinny straws. No good. You have to use too much suck to get the liquid down your gullet. There are the ones that have not yet learned to … [Read more...]

Taking charge of your Health

With a new year under way… we should all be more proactive when it comes to our well-being, and who wouldn't embrace a much healthier life. Starting with filtered water, we should all be drinking plenty of H2O. It’s hydrating for our skin and flushes … [Read more...]

New Commitments For The New Year

Well it’s that time of year again when in a fit of optimism many of us make great promises to ourselves about what we are going to do in the New Year that we usually abandon about the second week in January. Today in contrast I want to talk to you … [Read more...]

Global Governance vs. American Sovereignty

Empires have been built throughout history and most eventually fell when the empire got too large or too tyrannical.  There has always been, and probably always will be, a tension between consolidating power at the top or decentralizing power to the … [Read more...]