Fast Track Trade Authority: Usurping the Constitution

Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution states: "The Congress shall have the power…to regulate commerce with foreign nations," among other duties and responsibilities. Fast Track/Trade Promotion Authority is being sought by President Obama as a m … [Read more...]

This Week in History Jan. 22, 2015

January 22nd 1877 four foot wide canal finished for irrigation use. January 26th 1877 irrigation begins in Bunkerville. January 1898 town changes name from Mesquite Flats to Mesquite. … [Read more...]

Governor’s budget plan is long on spending, short on accountability

It is called bait and switch. Just over two months after the voters of Nevada rejected by a 79 percent majority a margin tax on gross receipts of businesses that its backers claimed would raise $800 million in tax revenue, this past week in his … [Read more...]

The Case for Economic Sovereignty

The word “sovereignty” originally referred to the right of a king to rule his territory as he pleased. Translated into republican terms, it covers the right of the people to similarly control the national territory and, more broadly, to order their li … [Read more...]

Tools of the Kitchen

If I had a hammer… (Go on try to get that song out of your head today.) Actually I do have a hammer. This particular hammer is mine. I use it for my things. It is my kitchen hammer. Now on with the story. In the past I have written about Fibber D … [Read more...]

Free Gas?

Driving by the local gas station I was shocked to see the price of gas below two dollars. It almost seemed like gas was free after paying almost five dollars in some places. I wonder what is going on. I had heard Obama’s previous Secretary of Energy S … [Read more...]

The Art of Apology

Let’s begin with relationships… we all have them; whether they’re family, friends or just acquaintances, we speak to people every day… or almost every day; communication; a means of sending messages, imparting news, thoughts and opinions (exchanging i … [Read more...]

This Week In History Jan. 16, 2015

January 21 1951 Atomic Testing begins in Nevada. January 1933 Riverside Bridge open again after flooding. January 20 1981 Iran Hostage Crisis ends. January 21st 1977 President Carter Pardons draft dodgers. … [Read more...]

The Lord’s Prayer

There are a lot of faulty misconceptions about prayer, a lot of confusion about how prayer works and why we pray and when to pray. Yet there is nothing more vital to your Christian life than prayer. Some people think prayer is a magic wand. We … [Read more...]

Think tank outlines how to make Nevada taxation fairer and more stable

The word that will be buzzing through the halls of the Nevada Legislature like a swarm of bees from February until June will be “taxes” — whether to raise them, create new ones or fix the ones we have. Our lawmakers would do well to heed the advic … [Read more...]