Nothing Newsworthy About Restrooms

Let’s have a conversation about public restrooms. I hesitate to call them “bathrooms” as we generally don’t bathe in public. I guess they really aren’t for resting either, but polite conversation prohibits me from calling them “poo palaces” or worse. … [Read more...]

A Melting Pot of Economic Policies

As we get deeper into this 2016 national election, at some point we will be faced with debate about our slowly rebounding economy. The airwaves will be filled with chatter about what to do about those who have a lot of money and those who do not. It … [Read more...]

Tragic, Shakespearian Actors in Gray Flannel Uniforms

"Play ball!" I love hearing that refrain. It comes from the depths of the thoracic cavity of baseball’s men in blue. It is a rite of spring just as surly as the sight of a robin in the Midwest and a cactus bloom in the desert. Spring: the metaphor f … [Read more...]

Fifteen Bucks an Hour–Now!

Economics is not politics and shouldn’t be treated as such. But then, neither is healthcare, but we’ve managed to polarize them both into political prolate pinballs on a helter-skelter journey. Businesses do not lay off workers or restrict hiring w … [Read more...]

Education’s Third Face

By: Terry Donnelly The January 7, 2016 “Making Sentences” column praised the reforms granted to schools by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) as a chance to get out from under the assessment laden, federal regulations of what it is replacing; No … [Read more...]

Warts, Battle Scars, and All: Hillary is Presidential

  Vote for her or not. Agree with her politics or not. Love her or loathe her. Take your pick, but the one issue beyond debate is that Hillary Rodham Clinton is qualified to run for president of the United States. Actually, I mean QUALIFIED. … [Read more...]

Republican Relevance in Jeopardy

By: Terry Donnelly  There is historical precedent for the withering away of one political party and the emergence of another.   Early on John Adams was the only Federalist president before the party was lost–George Washington was non- … [Read more...]

The Yin and Yang of a Political Career

More twisted than a contortionist on a stripper pole. That’s what we ask of our politicians. Politics is a profession rife with challenges. Most colleges have a full course of study directed toward understanding the history and dynamics of American g … [Read more...]

Let Flint Get Its Mojo Back

I’m a Michigan boy. That alone endows me with two solid traits. I’m hearty. That comes from surviving tundra-like winters that never show up later than November first and are often content to laze around until early May. Snowdrifts to the second flo … [Read more...]

Executive Orders: A Long and Storied History

“Sic semper tyrannis.” Thus always to tyrants. Those were the words of John Wilkes Booth as he leapt to the stage from the president’s box after fatally shooting Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theater in 1865. Booth didn’t like Lincoln. Does that go withou … [Read more...]