In Search of Leaders

A month ago we had a discussion about how to begin solving America’s race bias and grab for power (“History Helps Heal”, MLN, July 14, 2016). Both plague our country. We are fully aware that our economy is in need of work and our old and overused infr … [Read more...]

Donald Trump’s Views of America Are Wrong

Donald Trump’s greatest asset is that he single handedly holds the ability to provide fodder for commentators at a pace we can’t possibly match. His acceptance speech last week could keep me in fresh, new topics until 2032 when Pres. Elizabeth Warren … [Read more...]

History Helps Heal

When the unthinkable occurs, when superlatives seem to be the only comparisons available, I seek historical assistance. We’ve done this before, but the problems remain–problems we should have gotten past by now. Our unwillingness to deal with racial b … [Read more...]

Colonial Mass Murders–Rare as Hen’s Teeth

The Bill of Rights is a compromise. The Second Amendment is part of that compromise. Its adoption in 1791, two years after the Constitution, was the realization of a promise to appease the states’ rights factions, who would not have ratified the C … [Read more...]

Reflecting on Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali was a walking contradiction. He was reported to have had a substandard IQ, but possessed the ability to speak to an entire population. Early in his career he was one of the most polarizing people ever. He was either beloved or reviled … [Read more...]

Nothing Newsworthy About Restrooms

Let’s have a conversation about public restrooms. I hesitate to call them “bathrooms” as we generally don’t bathe in public. I guess they really aren’t for resting either, but polite conversation prohibits me from calling them “poo palaces” or worse. … [Read more...]

A Melting Pot of Economic Policies

As we get deeper into this 2016 national election, at some point we will be faced with debate about our slowly rebounding economy. The airwaves will be filled with chatter about what to do about those who have a lot of money and those who do not. It … [Read more...]

Tragic, Shakespearian Actors in Gray Flannel Uniforms

"Play ball!" I love hearing that refrain. It comes from the depths of the thoracic cavity of baseball’s men in blue. It is a rite of spring just as surly as the sight of a robin in the Midwest and a cactus bloom in the desert. Spring: the metaphor f … [Read more...]

Fifteen Bucks an Hour–Now!

Economics is not politics and shouldn’t be treated as such. But then, neither is healthcare, but we’ve managed to polarize them both into political prolate pinballs on a helter-skelter journey. Businesses do not lay off workers or restrict hiring w … [Read more...]

Education’s Third Face

By: Terry Donnelly The January 7, 2016 “Making Sentences” column praised the reforms granted to schools by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) as a chance to get out from under the assessment laden, federal regulations of what it is replacing; No … [Read more...]