Two-Faced? I Don’t Think So

Conflict and treachery in government service have been a part of our Republic since the Declaration of Independence took its first breath. Nothing happening today in politics is new, nor should it be shocking. Sitting Vice President Aaron Burr shot … [Read more...]

The King

Arnold Palmer was without peer in the annals of professional golf. He was without peer, but he holds no all-time records. He was the first golfer to win $1 million in one season, but today gofers regularly win more than that in one tournament. Arnie– … [Read more...]

“There You Go Again”

President Ronald Reagan famously used that line for the first of several times in the 1980 Presidential Debate against incumbent President Jimmy Carter. Carter began arguing the fact that former Gov. Reagan had been staging a 20-year battle against … [Read more...]

A Tale of Woe Unravels

Aetna, Anthem, Humana, Cigna and the biggest of them all, United Health Group are up in arms. The health insurance giants say they cannot make a profit working within the confines of the Affordable Care Act. I certainly hope that sob story doesn’t r … [Read more...]

Grandpa, Where Did Rock and Roll Come From?

I’m on vacation this week, so while I’m on the beach, I thought I’d entertain you and push my most recent book, From Zero to Puberty and Other Life Stories. It’s a fun look back at baby boomers and our journey through the fifties, sixties, and beyond. … [Read more...]

In Search of Leaders

A month ago we had a discussion about how to begin solving America’s race bias and grab for power (“History Helps Heal”, MLN, July 14, 2016). Both plague our country. We are fully aware that our economy is in need of work and our old and overused infr … [Read more...]

Donald Trump’s Views of America Are Wrong

Donald Trump’s greatest asset is that he single handedly holds the ability to provide fodder for commentators at a pace we can’t possibly match. His acceptance speech last week could keep me in fresh, new topics until 2032 when Pres. Elizabeth Warren … [Read more...]

History Helps Heal

When the unthinkable occurs, when superlatives seem to be the only comparisons available, I seek historical assistance. We’ve done this before, but the problems remain–problems we should have gotten past by now. Our unwillingness to deal with racial b … [Read more...]

Colonial Mass Murders–Rare as Hen’s Teeth

The Bill of Rights is a compromise. The Second Amendment is part of that compromise. Its adoption in 1791, two years after the Constitution, was the realization of a promise to appease the states’ rights factions, who would not have ratified the C … [Read more...]

Reflecting on Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali was a walking contradiction. He was reported to have had a substandard IQ, but possessed the ability to speak to an entire population. Early in his career he was one of the most polarizing people ever. He was either beloved or reviled … [Read more...]