Picking School Winners and Losers: What Will Change?” Part III of III

There is school choice today. Those who can afford to do so can choose private or home-school education. They pay for these choices while continuing to pay public school taxes, ergo an expensive choice. Many districts today have school choice options … [Read more...]

Picking School Winners and Losers: What Are Our Choices? Part II of III

Let’s continue our discussion about House Bill 610, the school choice bill that would provide law for funding schools through vouchers, plus repeal the current laws that assure equal access and equal treatment for children with a wide variety of a … [Read more...]

Picking School Winners and Losers is Risky Business Part 1 of 3

House Bill 610 (working title; Choices in Education Act) has been introduced into Congress. It has not cleared a committee, there have been no votes taken, and no amendments offered. But, now is the time for the public to learn about what the bill … [Read more...]

Desert Dust

If I mention Barney Oldfield will that show my age? Barney was an early twentieth century racecar driver. His image is that of a wild man wearing a leather crash helmet with goggles sitting in an open top, no windshield racer. I bring Barney up … [Read more...]

Celebrating a Vision

It’s February! That can only mean that Punxsutawney Phil is in the news. Our resident rodent prognosticated that, due to the clear, sunny conditions around his famous tree stump last Thursday, spring is still a massive six weeks away, rather than a m … [Read more...]

Let Our Freedoms Ring

Thomas Wolfe was wrong. On Saturday, January 21 I was able to go home again. Not exactly home but back to my youth. Mrs. Making-Sentences and I gathered up two dear friends and attended the Women’s March in Denver, Colorado.   As we approached the … [Read more...]

Mahalo, Mr. President

President Obama and his family are preparing to ditch the White House and leave the presidency behind next week. To some readers this is a symphony with crashing cymbals. To me it’s a dirge. Looking back over the last eight years I’m reminded that … [Read more...]

Best to Carefully Choose Resolutions

Wow! Already the last week of 2016 and a time when thoughts turn to resolutions. Many of us, especially the perpetually organized, yours truly included, feel compelled to add a tad bit more pressure to life by setting new goals for January 1 and … [Read more...]

The Ballad of Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan made a career out of being elusive. He continues that pattern today at age 75. He has performed under a half dozen pseudonyms, even the name he owns legally is of his own creation; he originally was Robert Zimmerman. He could write a dozen … [Read more...]

Just Say No to Betsy DeVos

At the risk of sounding like Donald Trump, Betsy DeVos will be a disaster. Ms. DeVos is a terrific Republican leader. She’s been effective as a pol, as a fundraiser, and as an organizer. She should stay in that realm. Her only educational training … [Read more...]