Globe Theater Relocates to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

One of our lasting symbols of freedom has been turned into a theater. The White House has served as the home of our president since 1800 when President John and First Lady Abigail Adams moved in. Every president has lived and worked from there since. … [Read more...]


Let’s get past Obamacare, and Trumpcare. Let’s just call it Healthcare. A lot of the partisan problems we face in developing quality insurance options are created by one party or the other taking credit or placing blame. The Republicans have over d … [Read more...]

Media March Called For

Rally around! It’s time to organize another march. Starting with the Women’s March on January 21, 2017, we’ve seen march after march advocating for saving the earth, reversing climate change, science, telling the truth, and others. Now it’s time to or … [Read more...]

Healthcare Act Axes “Affordable”

Not just “Affordable”, the American Health Care Act also seems to have taken a lot of healthcare out as well leaving just an Act. The remaining “Act” seems much like Act V of Macbeth–pure tragedy. Finally, everyone can read the bill, including the … [Read more...]

Bobby Kennedy: A One Man Renaissance

Robert Francis Kennedy died when he was just 43 years old from the bullets of an assassin’s gun. We’ll never know how his story would have played out, but the American public was just beginning to reap benefits from a political metamorphosis seldom se … [Read more...]

Access to Education Shouldn’t Be a Gene Pool Lottery

When former Alaska Governor and Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin was in the news and on the campaign trail in 2008, and found herself stuck for an answer in an interview, she scrolled through her short list of talking points and … [Read more...]

We’re Looking for John Schofield, Not Lorenzo Thomas

With the continued mayhem emanating from the Oval Office these weeks, there have been comparisons made to the later stages of the Nixon administration. Nixon became a recluse in his office as the vise of Watergate scandals began to tighten toward the … [Read more...]

Some Say Obstruction, I Say Opposition

Obstruction. Opposition. These words are similar phonetically and visually, but a world apart in meaning. I’m not going to drag you to the dictionary for strict definitions; rather we’ll rely on examples to show the vast differences. Obstruction li … [Read more...]

Peter Pan, the Easter Bunny, Ayn Rand, and Stephen Bannon

Johnny Carson’s Carnac the Magnificent would have responded to the title answer with this question, “What are four ideas kids believe, but outgrow?” We all want to believe in everlasting youth, but age and responsibility eventually catch up to most of … [Read more...]

Yay or Nay on School Choice? Betsy DeVos Isn’t Sure

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos confirmed twice last week what we already know about her. The first was that she fits right in with the climate of confusion and lack of direction that permeates this current White House. Next, she reaffirmed the all … [Read more...]